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All G20 nations are missing climate goals: ‘Not a single G20 country has policies in place that are consistent’ with the UN Paris pact Visualised: how all of G20 is missing climate goals — but some nations are closer than othersAs world leaders gather at Cop28, these charts show how far away the major economies are from their targets. Not a single G20 country has policies in place that are consistent with the Paris agreement’s goal of […]

GOP Climate Skeptic Ramaswamy To Quit UN Paris Climate Deal If Elected – ‘The climate change agenda is a hoax’ US Republican presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy said that if elected he will pull the United States out of the Paris climate accord meant to fight global warming. “The climate change agenda is a hoax,” Ramaswamy said Tuesday in an interview with AFP on the eve of the third Republican presidential election debate. “I think […]

Ron DeSantis Releases Climate & Energy Plan to ‘Revive American Energy Dominance’ – Seeks to Reduce Gas Prices to $2 in 2025 & Repeal Biden’s EV mandates & Withdraw from UN Paris Climate Pact

Ron DeSantis Announces Plan to Revive American Energy Dominance DeSantis Seeks to Reduce Gas Prices to $2 in 2025 MIDLAND, TEXAS – During an event today in Midland, Texas, Ron DeSantis unveiled a detailed plan for America’s path to energy dominance, pledging to reverse Joe Biden’s harmful “Green New Deal” policies that hurt Americans and strengthen […]

China Abandons Paris Agreement, Making U.S. Efforts Even More Painful & Pointless

President Xi Jinping reiterated that his country would set its own path on the issue and not be influenced by outside factors, according to the¬†Washington Post and Bloomberg. This contradicts Xi’s 2015 Paris Agreement pledges to reduce its carbon emissions at the latest after 2030. Xi’s remarks came while climate envoy and former secretary of state John Kerry was visiting Beijing to reopen a dialogue. This was shortly after Secretary of State Antony Blinken arrived, and just before former secretary of state Henry Kissinger, the architect of opening China to the West 50 years ago, came for a visit.

The clear signals from China are a deliberate slap in the face to America and provide a rationale for a bill sponsored by Representative Chip Roy (R., Texas) to defund Kerry’s climate-change office at the State Department. The bill is cosponsored by over two dozen other House Republicans.

Bloomberg News: ‘South Africa Beats Climate Goal as Blackouts Slash Emissions’ – ‘Unintentional…power plant breakdowns are reducing industrial activity’ South Africa Beats Climate Goal as Blackouts Slash Emissions South Africa emissions are falling, ahead of a 2025 target Power plant breakdowns are reducing industrial activity A coal-fired power station in Mpumalanga, South Africa.Photographer: Waldo Swiegers/Bloomberg By Antony Sguazzin May 15, 2023 at 10:10 AM EDT South Africa is ahead of its target for cutting […]

Great Water Reset: The UN & WEF are coming for your water now! ‘Sustainable development’ water dictates – Aim to ‘achieve internationally agreed water-related goals’ By Cheryl K. Chumley – The Washington Times The United Nations is holding its first-in-five-decades conference on water in New York, a gathering that some say could be a “Paris moment” — meaning, the global body could soon do for water what it’s sought to do, via treaty, for climate. Meaning, the United Nations is coming for […]

Pielke Jr. on 1.5C temperature target: ‘There was essentially no science behind it’ – ‘More grounded in political aspirations than in science’ The 1.5 Degree Temperature Target is a Dead Man Walking By Roger Pielke Jr. … In today’s post I explain the origins of its companion, the 1.5 degree Celsius target that has in many respects eclipsed the 2C target in public discussions of climate. Most scientists in climate know that despite its prominent role […]