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Retreat from Net Zero is underway: Around the world, unpopular decarbonization policies are being shelved

London, 8 February – A new paper published by Net Zero Watch shows that governments worldwide are starting to ditch decarbonisation policies, as they seek to avoid electoral wipeout.

Author Ross Clark shows that the economic pain inflicted by Net Zero policies has now become acute, and that voters are starting to rebel against them:

“As you look across Europe, politicians who reject climate alarmism and Net Zero scaremongering are on the rise. The days of green radicalism, and other luxury beliefs, are on the wane. The political landscape will look very different by the end of 2024.”

Mr Clark shows that, in the face of voter unrest, targets are being watered down, delayed and discarded, as he catalogues examples from around the world.  And he argues that this is the start of a long road back to rational policymaking:

“Net Zero was an attempt to defy the laws of physics and thermodynamics. It was irrational and bound to fail. Cannier politicians are starting to see its fatal flaws. The retreat has begun, and will continue inexorably for years to come. It’s now just a question of how long it takes, and how much damage will be done to society before sanity returns.”

The Retreat from Net Zero (pdf)


Ross Clark
e: [email protected]