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Australian Academy of Science report on Great Barrier Reef ignores reef’s record growth & instead focuses on gender & race of authors of study "I have been saying for some time that many of our #science institutions have become totally untrustworthy. By its wilful abandonment of quantitative analysis, the AAS has destroyed its reputation as a source of useful scientific advice." – Peter Ridd — The Spectator Australia (@SpectatorOz) August 30, 2023 #  

Study: Great Barrier Reef Warming, Coral Bleaching Driven By Cloud Radiative Forcing, Not Humans By Kenneth Richard For decades Great Barrier Reef (GBR) warming and coral bleaching have often been assumed to be driven by human greenhouse gas emissions and/or El Niño events. But a new study finds a much larger and more robust correlation between natural cloud cover modulation of solar radiation, shallow-water warming, and bleaching. It has […]

Dr. Patrick Moore: ‘The specter of ‘ocean acidification’ has no basis in the scientific data’ – Study finds fears ‘based on mathematical modeling rather than field data’

Ocean acidification – is it physically possible? The CO2 Coalition today released a new White Paper by biologist Jim Steele examining the health of the world's oceans and claims of their "acidification." See — CO2 Coalition (@CO2Coalition) June 1, 2020 Ocean Health – Is there an “Acidification” problem? The CO2 Coalition of climate scientists today […]

Another Crack in the Climate Censorship Wall – Dr. Patrick Moore Debates Ocean ‘Acidification’ in Inference Science Magazine Ecologist and CO2 Coalition Chair Patrick Moore Debates Ocean “Acidification” and “Climate Regulation” in the Inference Science Magazine. In ‘Reading Seawater,” a review essay in the December 2019 issue of the science journal Inference, Lawrence University geosciences professor Marcia Bjornerud wrote that changes in ocean chemistry from carbon dioxide emissions damage shell health and may be leading […]

Scientists Discover That Coral Reefs Can Adapt To Warming Ocean Temps Courthouse News Service (CN) — Some coral reefs are adapting to warming ocean temperatures by making their own sunscreen in the form of bright neon colors — a strategy which invites coral animals to return to reefs and is seen as a critical adaptation to maintain healthy coral reefs around the world. Acropora corals […]

Great Barrier Reef In Good Shape, Has ‘Vibrant Future’, Reef Authority Says Great Barrier Reef In Good Shape, Has ‘Vibrant Future’, Reef Authority Says The Australian, 22 October 2019 Graham Lloyd The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority has supported Environment Minister Sussan Ley’s appraisal that the reef is “good” and has “a vibrant future”. How scientists mislead the world about the state of the Great […]

Florida lawmakers grapple with statewide ban chemical sunscreens to protect coral reefs With the sponsor pointing to concerns about skin cancer, a Senate committee Monday advanced a bill that would prevent local governments from banning over-the-counter sales of sunscreen. The Senate Community Affairs Committee voted 3-1 to approve the measure, which stems, at least in part, from a decision by Key West to ban certain types of sunscreen […]

Ecological Grief – when scientists think they need therapy, but what they really need is debate By Jo Nova Once upon a time, scientists had colleagues that brought them back to earth. Then sensible scientists were sacked and the only people left in the department were the hyperbolic dramatists. Is it any wonder that what’s left of university departments thinks they need  therapy? Every time one of them hits the […]

False Alarm: Great Barrier Reef In Much Better Shape Than Climate Alarmists Claim GWPF Newsletter 19/08/19 False Alarm: Great Barrier Reef In Much Better Shape Than Climate Alarmists Claim False Alarm II: Monsoon Rebound Prepares Ground For Record Harvest In India 1) False Alarm: Great Barrier Reef Is In Much Better Shape Than Climate Alarmists Claim, Australian Environment Minister Confirms Graham Lloyd, The Australian, 14 August 2019 […]

Sea Level Fall at the Great Barrier Reef Sea Level Fall at the Great Barrier Reef July 7, 2019 By jennifer 1 Comment I’VE been asked to speak this coming Sunday at the Maroochydore Surf Club (36 Alexander Parade, Sunshine Coast) about climate change at the Great Barrier Reef, and to provide both a local and global perspective. It is sometimes said that “all politics […]