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‘How many ‘last chance’ climate summits will there be? Watch new Morano Minute Every climate summit seems to be labeled the “last chance” for humanity to save the world from climate change. When will everyone realize its always going to be the “last chance”? Enough already! Watch the latest episode of CFACT’s Morano Minute here! Every climate summit seems to be labeled the “last chance” for humanity to […]

We’re saved! 6th grader: ‘I chose to create a nonprofit organization to help stop climate change’ – ‘There’s bad weather’ By: Amanda Slee JENKS, Okla — A Jenks East Intermediate student has big ambitions to help stop climate change. She took on the challenge after her teacher encouraged each student in her 6th-grade class to take on a project that would change the world. A 6th-grade social studies teacher at Jenks East Intermediate is challenging […]

Greta tells UN to ‘shove your climate crisis up your a***’ – Finally, skeptics can applaud Greta! Watch new Morano Minute

  Greta is once again making headlines, this time for chanting at COP26 in Glasgow that “you can shove your climate crisis up your a***!” Unfortunately, the only shoving the UN will be doing is shoving your hard earned money down the tube. @ClimateDepot — CFACT (@CFACT) December 15, 2021 Teen climate activist Greta […]

‘BONKERS!’ Watch new Morano Minute: ‘The Jurassic, Holocene, and now….Manchin-cene??!’ Climate activists say Sen. Manchin’s opposition to Biden’s pork-barrel spending will alter Earth’s geologic record!

The Jurassic, Holocene, and now….Manchin-cene?? Climate activists say Manchin's opposition to Biden's climate bill will be so harmful you'll be able to see the effects on Earth's geologic record. Watch the new Morano Minute here! @ClimateDepot — CFACT (@CFACT) December 2, 2021 Climate activists say Sen. Manchin will change Earth’s geologic record – Watch […]

Watch: Greta is right! Climate Summits are “blah blah blah.” – Morano Minute E19

Who would’ve thought? We’re agreeing with Greta?! Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg made waves recently when she mocked international climate talks as nothing but “blah blah blah.” She’s right! CFACT’s Marc Morano goes into this deeper on the latest episode of the Morano We’re agreeing with Greta?! Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg made waves when […]

Watch: Google’s climate crackdown: A 10 min conversation with Marc Morano

Video here: By Washington Examiner Staff Google and YouTube announced this week that, beginning next month, its advertisers and publishers would be prohibited from monetizing content that contradicts “scientific consensus around the existence and causes of climate change.” In this interview, founder Marc Morano tells Doug McKelway, the tactic is another step that […]

Skeptics BASH Big Tech for Reported Demonetization of So-Called ‘Climate Denial’ – Morano: ‘This is Big Tech collusion with the government’

"This is Big Tech collusion with the government." Climate experts Marc Morano and Steven Milloy bash Big Tech for demonetizing all content from so-called "climate deniers." @ClimateDepot @JunkScience — Free Speech America (@FreeSpeechAmer) October 8, 2021 By Catherine Salgado October 8th, 2021 12:48 PM The atmosphere for content creators with Google just […]

Watch: Latest Morano Minute: ‘Don’t California my Virginia!’

    Don’t California my Virginia! Morano Minute E18 “Don’t California my Virginia” is what a growing coalition is saying as it fights the Virginia Clean Economy Act; a terrible climate law signed by the Governor. It threatens to pave Virginia’s forests with solar panels and plunge the state into blackouts. Can Virginians overturn the […]