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Watch Morano on Fox & Friends Live from Dubai: COP28 is about the UN ‘gaining more control so we don’t have a say in our democracy & our lives — from freedom of movement, to food, to energy’

  Marc Morano Appears on ‘Fox and Friends’ To Discuss UN COP28 Climate Summit Live from Dubai Broadcast December 3, 2023 –  Morano: ‘COP28 climate summit is immoral’ – VP Harris pushing UN climate fund will prevent ‘development & fossil fuel energy in the poorest countries’ RUSH TRANSCRIPT: >> Today I’m proud to announce a […]

BBC features ‘the young activists changing the skeptics’ minds’ – Young people ‘trying to change the minds of those who wrongly claim climate change is not real’ The Young Activists Who Fill Children’s Heads With LiesNOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT / by Paul Homewood / December 03, 2023 I’m not quite sure why this is on BBC Verify! As global leaders gather at the COP28 summit in Dubai, environmental activists around the world are still challenging climate sceptics. Young […]

NYT casts wealthy couple who spent $7 million on building an oceanfront (2nd) home as environmental activists. Can’t make it up. By ALEX BERENSON Everything you hate about climate change virtue signaling in the most absurd story you’ll read this year You’re gonna want to read this one on an empty stomach. Twenty-six times a year, The New York Times shows its commitment to the environment by offering readers “Living Small.” No, Living Small isn’t […]

Washington Post: ‘No climate crisis,’ A Nobel-winning physicist declares’ – 2022 Nobel Prize in Winner in Physics declares his dissent: – ‘I call myself a climate denier’

Washington Post: ‘He won a Nobel Prize. Then he started denying climate change.’ John Clauser shared the Nobel in physics last year. Now he’s a self-described ‘denier’ of the overwhelming scientific consensus on a warming planet.

John F. Clauser shared the Nobel Prize in physics last year before declaring Tuesday that “there is no climate crisis” — a claim that contradicts the overwhelming scientific consensus. The event showcased Clauser’s remarkable shift since winning one of the world’s most prestigious awards for his groundbreaking experiments with light particles in the 1970s. His recent denial of global warming has alarmed top climate scientists, who warn that he is using his stature to mislead the public about a planetary emergency. …

The other speakers included Marc Morano, a former Republican congressional staffer who runs a website that rejects mainstream climate science, and Alex Newman, a journalist for right-wing media outlets who has called for exposing the “climate scam.” Both men took multiple jabs at former vice president Al Gore and his 2006 documentary about the dangers of climate change.

Clauser, who wore a gray blazer with black jeans and Teva sandals, appeared buoyant as he took the stage. He cycled through a PowerPoint presentation that began with the exclamation: “Great news! There is no climate crisis!”

“Much as it may upset many people, my message is the planet is not in peril,” Clauser told an audience of roughly a dozen people in the hotel conference room and others watching online. “I call myself a climate denier,” he added. “I’ve been told that’s not politically correct. So I guess I’m a climate crisis d-word person.” …

Clauser bragged that he met privately with President Biden in the Oval Office last year, when the 2022 Nobel Prize winners were invited to the White House. He said he criticized Biden’s climate and energy policies, to which he said the president replied: “Sounds like right-wing science.”

The Washington Post could not confirm this account; a White House spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment. …

Clauser has not been welcomed everywhere. In July, he was scheduled to deliver a seminar on climate models to the International Monetary Fund’s Independent Evaluation Office, but then the event was “summarily canceled” with no explanation, the CO2 Coalition said in a statement at the time. On Tuesday, Clauser said he was initially told the event would be reformatted as a debate with an author of a report by the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. But that idea “never went anywhere,” he said. Asked for comment, a spokesperson for the office declined to comment on the record and did not respond to follow-up questions about whether the event might be rescheduled.

Biden smeared climate skeptic Nobel laureate at White House Oval Office meeting for practicing ‘right-wing science’ – Video

Dr. John Clauser, the 2022 Nobel Prize-winning physicist will join other climate skeptics to counter Pope Francis’s climate claims

2022 Nobel Prize-winning scientist Dr. John Clauser declares his climate dissent: ‘There is no real climate crisis’ – Warns ‘climate science has metastasized into massive shock-journalistic pseudoscience’

Nobel Prize-winning scientist Dr. John Clauser — who recently declared climate science a ‘pseudoscience’ — has his IMF talk abruptly canceled

Hottest in 125,000 years say EU scientists — as if Cavemen could measure the temperature to a tenth of a degree


Jo Nova: Media claims ‘hottest year’ was broken by 0.4 degrees! Homo Sapiens have had satellite data for 44 years, which only leaves 124,956 years of extrapolation to guess at the rest. Not one journalist at the ABC, Sydney Morning Herald, CNN, or anywhere, asked the “scientists” — how would you know? Do tell us, professor, what exactly was the temperature from November 6,789 BC to October 6,788? And to a tenth of a degree, and globally. I heard it was hot? 

Try to imagine what kind of miraculous science makes these headlines make sense?  Did the EU team find neolithic newspapers hidden in caves in Turkey? Could they reconstruct temperatures from 10,000 BC to 1978 to a tenth of a degree Celsius. And not just Turkish temperatures but ones in Timbuktu and Peru too? Those goat herders needed a satellite program.  Perhaps clay pots powered with goat dung?

Turns out the media was totally wrong – Food crops booming despite ‘climate emergency’ as U.S. sees ‘biggest corn harvest ever’

Bloomberg scared you witless about drought and extreme heat Told you it would screw up the harvest Turns out Bloomberg was totally wrong Biggest corn harvest ever Oops — Bjorn Lomborg (@BjornLomborg) November 10, 2023 "Since the mid-1990s, a time both NASA and the IPCC highlight for its swift temperature hikes, global yields of […]

Wrong, ABC News, Data Refutes Strengthening Hurricanes Claim By H. Sterling Burnett The mainstream media, among them ABC News, Reuters and the New York Times, ran prominent stories claiming new research shows that Atlantic hurricanes have now become much more likely to strengthen into powerful hurricanes in a short period of time than in the past due to climate change. This is false. Whatever factors […]

Stop Misinforming about Malaria’s Spread, Washington Post

Stop Misinforming about Malaria’s Spread, Washington Post By Linnea Lueken A recent Washington Post (The Post) story, “Where Malaria is Spreading,” claims that climate change could put over 5 billion people at risk of malaria by 2040, primarily due to expanding seasons where mosquitoes can spread the disease, migrating mosquitoes, and increased populations and stagnant water caused […]

CNN Peddles False Alarm About Western Antarctica Melting By Linnea Lueken A recent article posted by CNN claims that western Antarctica is melting rapidly and can’t be stopped, due to human-caused global warming, which will result in a dangerous rise ocean levels. This is false. While the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) has seen more melting than other parts of the continent, […]