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Watch an Aussie Politician Squirm as Sen. Malcolm Roberts demands Evidence Climate Change is a Problem Guest essay by Eric Worrall One Nation federal senator Malcolm Roberts wants a simple answer from the Aussie CSIRO: what is the evidence that anthropogenic CO2 emissions are causing dangerous climate change? So far, the answer appears to be CO2 is a problem, because other people think other people think CO2 is a problem. Malcolm Roberts […]

Listen Now: Climate Depot’s Morano Unleashed in One hour UK interview! ‘Do any cursory examination of who is behind this & how this warmist narrative was crafted and you will realize you have been conned by the global warming establishment’

Listen Now: Full One Hour Audio of Climate Depot publisher Marc Morano available here:  Selected Excerpts: ‘If you just start scratching the surface of this issue, not only will you not believe, but you will be angry…Warmist climate claims are ‘insulting to our intelligence. They are insulting to science’ … ‘No matter the weather, they […]