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Naomi Klein: Trump’s Oil and Gas Supporters Aren’t Climate Change ‘Deniers,’ ‘They Are Arsonists’ By Michael W. Chapman | February 6, 2019 | 3:12 PM EST Journalist and author Naomi Klein. (Photo: Kourash Keshiri) ( — Left-wing activist, journalist, and best selling author Naomi Klein said it is not true that President Donald Trump did not mention “climate change” in his State of the Union speech because he praised the oil and […]

Trump labeled climate ‘arsonist’ – Naomi Klein proposes new name for skeptics: ‘Don’t call them deniers, they are arsonists’ – Depot Responds

Climate activist Naomi Klein, wrote the day after President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address: “People claim Trump said not one word about climate change but that’s false. He celebrated the US being the world’s “No. 1″ oil and gas producer. And the house cheered – they cheered for the knowing destabilization of the […]

Warmist Naomi Klein: ‘There are no non-radical options left before us’

Klein: ‘You know, I have to give credit to John Kerry in terms of the fact that he’s been out front making the connection between the civil war in Syria and climate change, that before the outbreak of civil war, Syria experienced the worst drought in its history and that led to an internal migration […]

Conrad Black: ‘How the Post-Soviet Left Latched Onto the Climate For Crusade on Capitalism’ What seems to have happened is that the international far left, having been decisively routed with the collapse of the Soviet Union and of international communism, has attached itself to the environmental movement, usurped the leading positions in it from the bird-watching, butterfly-collecting, and conservation organizations, and is carrying on its anti-capitalist and anarchist […]

In Paris: McKibben & Naomi Klein ‘Prosecuting’ on behalf of Exxon’s ‘victims’: ‘The People Vs. ExxonMobil A Public Trial for the Greatest Climate Crime of the Century’ THE PEOPLE VS. EXXONMOBIL: A Public Trial for the Greatest Climate Crime of the Century  Prosecutors: Naomi Klein and Bill McKibben Time and Location: 4:00pm to 6:00pm, Saturday, December 5 The People’s Climate Summit, La Parole Errante 7 rue François Debergue 93100 MONTREUIL Witnesses: Pacific Climate Warriors Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner; Joydeep Gupta of Third Pole Network; journalist Antonia Juhasz; Cindy […]

NY Mag: Author Naomi Klein: We Must We Choose Between Capitalism and Climate Klein’s narrative rests heavily on moral disgust with market-based mechanisms and the cold reasoning associated with them. She dismisses the “language of risk assessment,” a traditional economist way of measuring the dangers of climate change, and approvingly quotes a spiritual leader who tells her, “Water is holy.” … U.N. efforts to fight climate […]