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2018 Studies: Three Studies Confirm Volcanism Is Melting West Antarctic Glaciers, Not Global Warming by James Kamis Three new research studies confirm that geothermal heat flow, not man-made global warming, is the dominant cause of West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) melting, greatly strengthening the basic premises of Plate Climatology Theory. Figure 1: Outlined in red is West Antarctica’s subglacial Marie Byrd bedrock mantle plume “hotspot”. Red shading shows West Antarctic […]

CNN Peddles False Alarm About Western Antarctica Melting By Linnea Lueken A recent article posted by CNN claims that western Antarctica is melting rapidly and can’t be stopped, due to human-caused global warming, which will result in a dangerous rise ocean levels. This is false. While the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) has seen more melting than other parts of the continent, […]

New Study Finds Most Of Antarctica Has Cooled By Over 1°C Since 1999…W. Antarctica Cooled 1.8°C

New Study Finds Most Of Antarctica Has Cooled By Over 1°C Since 1999…W. Antarctica Cooled 1.8°C By Kenneth Richard on 6. November 2023 Significant 21st century cooling in the Central Pacific, Eastern Pacific, and nearly all of Antarctica “implies substantial uncertainties in future temperature projections of CMIP6 models.” – Zhang et al., 2023 New research indicates West Antarctica’s mean annual […]

Wash Post: Snow cover in the Lower 48 is at record levels as November starts The season’s first snows have frosted the Rocky Mountains, the northern Plains, the Great Lakes and northern New England over the past week, resulting in the most extensive early-November snow cover in at least two decades. On Wednesday morning, snow was on the ground in 17.9 percent of the Lower 48, according to the […]

October 2023 Arctic Ice Grows by Leaps – Ice expansion creates ‘complete closing of the Northern Sea Route for shipping’ by Ron Clutz The animation shows the rapid growth of Arctic ice extent during October 2023, from day 274 to day 304, yesterday.  For all of the fuss over the September minimum, litte is said about Arctic ice growing 4M km2, that’s 4 Wadhams in one month!.  Look on the left (Russian side) at the […]

UN chief urges world to ‘stop the madness’ of climate change UN chief urges world to ‘stop the madness’ of climate change by France24 Kathmandu (AFP) – UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urged the world Monday to “stop the madness” of climate change as he visited Himalayan regions struggling from rapidly melting glaciers to witness the devastating impact of the phenomenon. “The rooftops of the world […]

‘Garbage & word salad’: Greenpeace co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore rebuts new study claiming gray whales’ ‘mass die-off’ due to ‘melting Arctic’

Paper here:–whales–died-coast-1980s-SOLVED.html Mystery of why more than 2,000 gray whales have died along US coast since the 1980s may have been SOLVED – and the reason is haunting Since 2019, 688 more whales died in a mass die-off researchers ‘did not expect’ Melting Arctic sea ice has cratered populations of the gray whales‘ prey species # Dr. Patrick Moore […]

‘Mind-blowing’ Claims of Record Low Antarctica Sea Ice on BBC Contradicted by Statements Made Seven Years Ago

Dr. Walter Meier was part of the science team that cracked open the secrets of the early Nimbus data that revealed significant Antarctica sea ice variability in the 1960s, including a high in 1964, not seen again until 2014, and the low for 1966. This is what he told NASA Earth Data in 2016:

“Even in the passive microwave record [available since 1979] for the Antarctic you see these seesaws where the ice concentrations go up and down, so extreme high or extreme low are not that unusual. What the Nimbus data tell us is there’s variability in the Antarctica sea ice that’s larger than any we had seen from the passive microwave data. Nimbus helps put this in a longer term context and extends the record.”

Media’s latest Antarctic ice scare debunked – It is ‘frankly a con’ Antarctica’s melting ice shelves have unleashed 7.5 TRILLION tonnes of water into the oceans since 1997–Daily Mail By Paul Homewood We’re all going to drown – Part 94 Over the last 25 years, Antarctica’s melting ice sheets have released a staggering 7.5 trillion tonnes of water into the ocean, a study has revealed. Analyzing […]

Arctic Ice Refuses To Melt Away – Still not ‘ice free’ as predicted – 2023 sees sea ice extent in the ‘middle of the pack for what we have seen seen since 2007’ By Paul Homewood Arctic sea ice extent has now passed its minimum for this year. According to NSIDC, it dropped to 4.213 million sq km on 17th September: That puts it in the middle of the pack for what we have seen seen since 2007. I wonder when we’ll get apologies […]