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Watch Morano on Fox & Friends Live from Dubai: COP28 is about the UN ‘gaining more control so we don’t have a say in our democracy & our lives — from freedom of movement, to food, to energy’

  Marc Morano Appears on ‘Fox and Friends’ To Discuss UN COP28 Climate Summit Live from Dubai Broadcast December 3, 2023 –  Morano: ‘COP28 climate summit is immoral’ – VP Harris pushing UN climate fund will prevent ‘development & fossil fuel energy in the poorest countries’ RUSH TRANSCRIPT: >> Today I’m proud to announce a […]

VP Kamala Harris announces new $3 billion US pledge to ‘global climate action’ at UN Dubai summit to help developing nations ‘cut fossil fuel pollution’ By Kyle Feldscher and Ella Nilsen, CNN CNN — Vice President Kamala Harris announced new funding for climate action on Saturday at the COP28 summit in Dubai, where she touted American leadership on the climate crisis, including its recent investments in clean energy and efforts to make vulnerable communities more resilient to worsening climate disasters. Harris said the US would […]

KAMALA HARRIS misspeaks?!: ‘When we invest in clean energy & electric vehicles & REDUCE POPULATION, more of our children can breath clean air & drink clean water’

KAMALA HARRIS: “When we invest in clean energy and electric vehicles and reduce population, more of our children can breath clean air and drink clean water.” — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) July 14, 2023 Kamala Harris mistakenly proposes reducing population instead of pollution – In a verbal slip-up, Harris spoke of reducing ‘population’ to breathe […]

VP Kamala Harris urges youth organizing to fight ‘climate anxiety’ – ‘You have endured a mental & emotional toll of this crisis’ By SETH KLAMANN Linking the climate crisis to youth-driven political movements of the past, Vice President Kamala Harris spoke at a Denver high school Friday and urged students to organize and fight to change the hotter, dryer world they’re inheriting. “You have endured a mental and emotional toll of this crisis,” she said at Denver’s […]

Kamala Harris issues dire climate warning in Africa: ‘Existential threat to the entire planet’ – Praises Zambian farm for climate friendly agriculture practices By Timothy H.J. Nerozzi | Fox News Vice President Kamala Harris gave a stern warning about the “existential threat” of climate change while speaking with farmers in Africa. Harris, visiting Panuka Farm in Zambia on Saturday, thanked the farmers for a tour of their facilities and demonstrations of their work before turning the conversation to the climate. Watch […]

Watch: Morano on Tucker Carlson talking the ‘intended consequences’ of skyrocketing electricity prices & proposes naming blackouts after politicians pushing ‘green’ energy

Fox News Channel – Tucker Carlson Tonight – Broadcast January 4, 2023   Automated Transcript:  Tucker Carlson: Marc Morano is the publisher of Climate Depot, the author of Green Fraud which it is. He joins us tonight. Marc, thanks so much for coming on. So a couple of questions, why are there not front-page stories […]

We’re saved! (again) Biden White House announces international efforts to ‘combat climate change’ at Americas summit By Dareh Gregorian and Elyse Perlmutter-Gumbiner President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are announcing new initiatives Thursday at the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles that aim to combat climate change while creating jobs throughout the hemisphere. The initiatives “will help us and our partners tackle the climate crisis while harnessing the opportunity for countries in the region […]

Kamala Harris Tells Unemployed Coal Miners That After Biden Kills Their Jobs They Should Work Reclaiming Abandoned ‘Land Mines’ By Cristina Laila “Land Mines” Joe Biden killed tens of thousands of jobs his first day in office when he canceled contracts with the Keystone XL pipeline. Biden and his “Climate Envoy” John Kerry are waging war on the energy sector but fear not because Kamala Harris is here to save the day. TRENDING: Perfect. […]