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Happy Earth Day: ‘Green’ Energy Is Toxic, Inefficient, and Unprofitable BY CATHERINE SALGADO For all leftists, climate alarmists, and other dwellers in fantasy land, happy Earth Day! Unfortunately for “climate change” true believers, not only have climate predictions been consistently and wildly wrong for 50 years now, but “clean” or “green” energy is toxic for the environment, inefficient, and unprofitable. Unprofitable to everyone but the businessmen in charge […]

Watch: Morano on Fox & Friends: Biden admin’s EV push will ‘make us more dependent on China’ & will create ‘car shortages’ – ‘You will go nowhere & be happy’

  Fox and Friends – Fox News Channel – Broadcast April 17, 2023  Biden’s electric car push will create vehicle shortage, expert warns – publisher Marc Morano reacts to Biden’s energy secretary claiming the solution to rising gas prices is to ‘electrify transportation.’ Excerpts: Morano: CBS News reported that it’s more expensive in many […]

Great Car Reset is working! ‘Cars soon unaffordable for 50% of Germans’

Via: 4) Cars soon unaffordable for 50% of Germans, expert warns No Tricks Zone, 12 April 2023 5) Peak EV: Electric vehicles will fade as their true costs become clear Mises Institute, 12 April 2023 6) Ruy Teixeira: The working class isn’t down with the green transition The Liberal Patriot, 13 April 2023 Cars […]

Great Car Reset: Biden’s EPA to release strict new fed emissions standard to ‘move U.S. car market decisively toward electric vehicles’ – ‘Up to 2/3’ of cars sold mandated to be EV by 2032 (CNN) — The US Environmental Protection Agency is preparing to release strict new proposed federal emissions standards for light-duty vehicles that, if implemented, would move the US car market decisively toward electric vehicles over the next decade. The EPA is considering emissions standards that could make up to two-thirds of new passenger vehicles sold in the US electric […]

Climate Researchers Call For ‘Dirty Cars’ To Be Refused Registration – Govt promotes EVs, public transport, walking & cycling By Tiyasha Biswas Researchers are calling for urgent action to be taken to reduce vehicle emissions in Australia, on the back of a new study into the health effects of vehicle emissions. Melbourne Climate Futures researchers scaled results from a New Zealand study to gauge the impact of vehicle emissions on Australians, and found 11,105 premature […]

LA Times: ‘How white and affluent drivers are polluting the air breathed by L.A.’s people of color’ An undated vintage postcard from Patt Morrison’s collection shows a freeway landscape from before the 605, the 105 and large sections of other freeways we travel today. BY SAMMY ROTHSTAFF WRITER  MARCH 9, 2023 6 AM PT . Like many Angelenos, I spend a lot of time behind the wheel of my car. I drive from […]

Bravo! Germany angers EU after putting brakes on gas car ban – Accused of ‘blackmail’ & a ‘threat’ to EU’s Green Deal & Net Zero agenda By Daniel Aronssohn The adoption by European Union member countries of new carbon dioxide emission standards for cars and vans has been postponed amid opposition from Germany, the presidency of the EU ministers’ council has announced. The vote initially scheduled for next week will take place at a “later council meeting” on a date yet to […]

Ford seeks patent to repossess a car remotely — by locking owners out of their cars & cutting off AC & forcing car’s audio system to ’emit an incessant & unpleasant sound’ By Claudia Assis Ford Motor Co. has applied for a patent to make remote car repossessions nearly seamless for lenders, and deeply unpleasant for car owners in default Ford Motor Co. has applied for a patent to make remote car repossessions nearly seamless for lenders — and deeply unpleasant for car owners in default, […]

‘We plan meals around recharging the vehicles’ – ABC News: Electric vehicle drivers get candid about charging: ‘Logistical nightmare’ – ‘Charging on the go is neither easy nor fast’ By Morgan Korn YouTube personality Steve Hammes leased a Hyundai Kona Electric sport utility vehicle for his 17-year-old daughter Maddie for three reasons: it was affordable, practical and allowed Maddie to put her cash toward college, not fuel. Now, the upstate New York resident has a dilemma many EV owners can relate to: finding available charging […]