ROGER PIELKE JR.: ‘Saving the planet, one COP (UN climate summit) at a time’ – Next stop Dubai! – ‘Climate is now a full-scale industry, with fortunes & careers to be made’

Pielke Jr.: “Global Climate Policy Hasn’t Made Much Difference on Energy Transitions” … “COP28 is expecting 70,000 participants, more than double those of COP27. Climate is now a full-scale industry, with fortunes and careers to be made, and perhaps lost.”


Pielke Jr.: “This week the 28th Conference of Parties (COP28) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change kicks off in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Accompanying the conference will be an onslaught of climate news, information, reporting, propaganda, misinformation, marketing, spin, science and the science-like… Along with the climate industrial complex comes massive vested interests, ranging from the financial to the professional to the political.”

‘CO2 readings from Mauna Loa show failure to combat climate change’ – Daily atmospheric carbon dioxide data more than double last decade’s annual average Just above this column on the weather page of the Guardian’s print edition is the daily atmospheric carbon dioxide readings from Mauna Loa in Hawaii, the acid test of how the world is succeeding in combating climate change. A week before the 28th annual meeting of the United Nations Framework Climate Change Convention opens […]

Study: ‘World’s richest 1% created more CO2 emissions than 66%’ of the rest of the world’s population’ Climate Nexus: Rich People Will Cause A Million Deaths This Decade As They Ruin The Planet: The world’s richest 1% created more carbon emissions than 66% of the rest of the world’s population in 2019, a new analysis from Oxfam finds. The report, which analyzes the lifestyles and emissions of the wealthiest people on […]

Oil and gas ‘not the problem’ for climate, says UK’s net zero minister Oil and gas are “not the problem” for the climate, but the carbon emissions arising from them are, the UK’s net zero minister has told MPs. In words that suggested the UK could place yet more emphasis on technologies to capture and store carbon, Graham Stuart said fossil fuel production was not driving climate […]

Former UN IPCC Lead Author Dr. Richard Toll: ‘Abandon emissions targets altogether’ – Explains ‘the money for CO2 removal will go to large multinational companies’

Dr. Richard Tol:  The money for CO2 removal will go to large multinational companies who operate in faraway countries in order to help solve a remote problem. It is hard to get votes for such a subsidy, harder if that subsidy is really large.

Decarbonizing the economy at a more leisurely pace will still require tax reform – but to a much smaller extent, one that is well in line with historical precedent. It would be even better to abandon emissions targets altogether and instead steer climate policy on its cost.

New modeling study suggests plants might be able to absorb more CO2 from human activities than previously expected – ‘Paints an uncharacteristically upbeat picture for the planet’ – Published in journal Science Advances by Trinity College Dublin New research published in Science Advances paints an uncharacteristically upbeat picture for the planet. This is because more realistic ecological modeling suggests the world’s plants may be able to take up more atmospheric CO2 from human activities than previously predicted. … Simply planting more trees and protecting existing vegetation is […]

Watch: Morano on Fox News: ‘This is a good development’ that California can’t spend massive influx of ‘federal climate cash’ to ‘advance climate action’ – Plus Google’s EV bus crash

Fox News – The Bottom Line – w/ Dagen & Duffy – Broadcast November 9, 2023 

Report: California needs more staff to “capitalize on the historic influx of federal climate cash” – University of California, Berkeley’s Center for Law, Energy, & the Environment report:

Morano: “They need more money because they don’t have enough people to spend the money. This is the actual report from Berkeley Center for Law and Environment, it actually calls it ‘federal climate cash’ — like get your hands on ‘climate cash’.

This reminded me of the TV show Breaking Bad. There was a scene when the drug dealer finally has so much money in his storage shed that he literally can’t spend it, and he doesn’t know what to do with it. It’s just piles of cash.

Scene from Breaking Bad TV show – Season 5 – ‘How Much is Enough?’

Morano: “We’ve reached peak insanity now in the United States with the climate agenda led by California. This federal climate cash is sitting in the state with nowhere to go, no one to spend it, and here’s the thing as weird as it is, this is a good thing, right? Because the last thing you want to do is spend the money because they’ve already said they’re going look for ways to reduce emissions to meet the governor’s ‘climate neutrality’ Net Zero rule. And if they do that, it’s going to make Californians even poorer and pay for more expensive energy. So this is a good development, you don’t want them to spend it. Let the money pile up just like in the TV show with nowhere to be spent because spending it impoverishes Californians.”

‘Huge climate polluters’: Now They Want to Abolish Gas Lawn Mowers, Snow Blowers, Leaf Blowers, & Weed Whackers A group called Environment America Research & Policy Center put out this special report last week: DROP IT, YOU ENVIRONMENTAL CRIMINAL! Gas-powered yard equipment, they tell us, “emitted more than 30 million tons of carbon dioxide, the leading driver of climate change.” That’s more carbon than the entire city of Los Angeles emits. The […]