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Watch: Morano on Fox celebrates end to ‘climate emergency’ — IF — we spent just $75 trillion! – ‘We should all have little party hats & confetti. We’re $75 trillion dollars away from not hearing about climate change nonsense’

Fox Business – The Bottom Line – w/ Dagen McDowell and Sean Duffy – Broadcast September 25, 2023 

Plus: Morano interprets AOC’s word salad on why she bought a non-union EV

Morano: If you actually parse what AOC said, which I admit is painful to actually do — she’s basically saying before the vaccine, we had stay-at-home orders, so they didn’t need to go anywhere. So, therefore, an EV fit the bill because I guess the range was so limited. It didn’t matter because she then immediately said well, now they’re ranges better. 

This is the controlled demolition of the American auto unions and the American automobile industry. These EV mandates are coming from California, coming from Joe Biden’s EPA, and yet, they’re acting as though they’re the friends of the union. A million people make non electric cars. Just about 40% of those or 400,000 workers, could lose their job if these EV mandates actually went through.

Morano: The United Nations claims that in order to meet Net Zero, you have to keep the temperatures within 1.5 degrees Celsius. We now know from the Climategate scandal that the entire premise of Net Zero was, quote, ‘pulled from thin air’; all of these temperature goals are political statements, and they have no idea how to achieve any temperature goals.

The $75 trillion dollars is similar to estimates for the UN Paris Agreement, which would probably a little bit cheaper, and the Green New Deal, which was a little bit cheaper than these estimates.

The idea is that if we spend enough money, we can finally end the climate emergency. We should all have little party hats and confetti and be throwing it. We’re $75 trillion dollars away from not hearing about climate change nonsense. There won’t be a climate emergency anymore. All we have to do is write this check, and they’ll all go away. Of course, that won’t happen. There are no criteria to end this. This is only a down payment in their minds, $75 trillion dollars.

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