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Annual Congressional Baseball Game descends into chaos after climate change protestors storm the field in Washington DC – before being tackled to the ground and arrested by cops At  least eight climate change protestors have been arrested by police in Washington DC after storming the field during the annual Congressional Baseball Game. The yearly event – which began back in 1909 – sees Republicans and Democrats put aside their differences for charity, but they couldn’t escape political scrutiny on Wednesday night as […]

Watch: Canadian MP Laurel Collins declares: ‘I am wildly emotional’ – ‘Climate emergencies are not gender neutral…disproportionately impacts women & girls’ – ‘We need to think about the intersection of gender & the climate crisis’

Canadian MP Laurel Collins: “Climate emergencies are not gender neutral. The degradation of ecosystems disproportionately impacts women and girls, and I am wildly emotional. This is the existential crisis of our time.” “We need to think about the intersection of gender and… — Wide Awake Media (@wideawake_media) May 30, 2024

Watch: Morano on Lou Dobbs TV Show breaks down why there is no ‘climate emergency’ & how billionaires Gates & Bezos use climate to expand their control

  The Great America Show – Climate Liars and Truth Deniers – Broadcast May 3, 2024  CLIMATE LIARS & TRUTH DENIERSThe Great America Show with Lou Dobbs – The Left’s Climate worshipers say humans need to re-engineer the climate. Bill Gates donating billions to Harvard to block the sun.  They’re talking about conducting radical experiments on the […]

LA Times ‘Climate Emergency’ Editorial Claimed that ‘The planet is experiencing a horrifying streak of record-breaking heat’ – But Claim is Unsupported by NOAA’s Climate Data

L A Times Editorial Claim that “The planet is experiencing a horrifying streak of record-breaking heat” is Unsupported by NOAA’s Climate Data by Larry Hamlin The L A Times published an Editorial claiming that the “The planet is experiencing a horrifying streak of record breaking heat” and mandates that  a “climate emergency” must be declared but then […]

Steve Forbes says declaring a climate emergency would ‘wreck’ economy & result in higher energy prices By Bethan Moorcraft Declaring a national climate emergency would “wreck” the U.S. economy, according to Forbes Media chairman and editor-in-chief Steve Forbes. The two-time Republican presidential candidate was responding to rumors that top advisers to President Joe Biden have resumed talks about invoking a climate emergency — a significant move that would unlock federal […]

Matt Walsh: The Government Is Gearing Up To Declare A ‘Climate Emergency,’ Which Will Wipe Out What’s Left Of Our Freedoms By  Matt Walsh For several years now, it’s been clear that the Biden administration has been thinking about officially declaring a “climate emergency.” Beginning on the day Biden took office, several politicians have floated the possibility — and some have gone further than that. The Democrats’ leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, publicly called on Biden to make the […]

UK Telegraph columnist: Calls for Biden ‘emergency’ wartime climate powers are truly scary – ‘The President cannot control humanity’s emissions: all he can do is weaken America’

The declaration of a climate emergency would enable the President, whose administration has already been lurching well into authoritarian territory with its heavy-handed regulation and a record number of executive orders, to seize even more powers to further impede a domestic oil and gas industry that has proven amazingly resilient. Among potential actions the White House could take under such an “emergency”, Bloomberg’s sources cite things like imposing limits to oil and LNG exports, suspending offshore drilling, and throttling the industry’s ability to transport its products via pipelines and trains. 

“By now, we have gotten used to incredibly damaging and stupid decisions from the Biden administration, but the idea of declaring a ‘climate emergency’ is in a class by itself,” Tom Pyle, President of the Washington DC think tank Institute for Energy Research told me. “As with the freeze on new LNG permits, the only emergency President Biden is seeking to address with this latest threat is his slippage in the polls among young voters.”

Roger Pielke Jr.: The Politics and Policy of a National Climate Emergency Declaration

The Politics and Policy of a National Climate Emergency Declaration By Roger Pielke Jr. “A significant feature of American government during the last fifteen years is the expansion of governmental activity on the basis of emergency.” That is the opening line in a 1949 academic paper on “Emergencies and the Presidency.” The role of the president […]