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Media finally gets it! ‘Duke Energy is transitioning away from coal. It means power bills are becoming more expensive’

Marc Morano comment: Duke Energy spokesman calls gutting reliable coal power — “improvements” to the grid. Yet they are virtually signaling to political mandates for Net Zero. As utilities close down reliable fossil fuel energy generation, they claim unspecified “benefits” to the “transitions.” In the video, Tesla home generator batteries are touted for the inevitable blackouts coming. Ideologies, politicians, activists, and colluding corporations and utilities are monkeying around with our once reliable grid due to climate politics. Then they offer some customer ‘rebates,’ ‘incentives’, & ‘subsidiy’ programs that are supposed to alleviate the constantly rising energy prices. This is an insane process that needs to stop, and Duke Energy spokesmen need a remedial education on how to speak to the public and stop lying about green energy ‘improvements’ to the grid. At the same time, they collude and do their part to sabotage the grid.

Climate Alarmists’ Bad Science: Advocates conduct shoddy research in an effort to show that warming will reduce economic growth By David Barker I debunked research by the Federal Reserve and top academic economists on the economics of climate change. An author of a paper I debunked then said that three professors from Stanford and Berkeley had done a much better analysis of temperature and growth in an article they published in Nature. I took up […]

Biden to further gut U.S. manufacturing! Dept of Energy Divvies Up $6 Billion To Boost ‘Industrial Decarbonization’ – $6 billion in new funding to help ‘decarbonize’ U.S. manufacturing sectors

We're saved! Simply by gutting what's left of the US industrial and manufacturing base we can save the planet! DOE Divvies Up $6 Billion To Boost 'Industrial Decarbonization' –The Biden administration, Monday morning, announced $6 billion in new funding to help decarbonize the… — Marc Morano (@ClimateDepot) March 25, 2024

Hertz CEO Resigns After Blowing Big Gamble on EVs

Hertz CEO Resigns After Blowing Big Gamble on EVs By Adelle Nazarian, The Western Journal Stephen Scherr, chief executive officer of Hertz Global Holdings Inc. and a member of its board of directors, will step down on March 31, following the car rental company’s largest quarterly loss since 2020 after a risky bet on electric vehicles. […]

Politico: ‘Democrats pushed climate action. Then utility bills skyrocketed’ – ‘Electricity bills are biting lawmakers in coastal, Democratic-leaning districts’

Politico: California Democrats proudly authored nation-leading clean energy goals that forced the automobile industry to go electric and shaped global climate policy. Then the bill came due. There is intensifying political pressure on state lawmakers to do something about utility bills that have shot up by as much as 127 percent over the last decade. … “Californians are fed up,” said Democratic state Assemblymember Marc Berman at a recent news conference in Sacramento. .. Lawmakers there and in other Democratic states with nation-leading climate objectives — like New York and Massachusetts — are scrambling to make their transitions from fossil fuels affordable before they face an all-out ratepayer revolt. …

“Absolutely high rates can threaten the energy transition, and we should be very concerned,” said Matt Baker, director of the California Public Utilities Commission’s Public Advocates Office. “The energy transition depends on public support, and we have to do whatever we can to maintain that public support. That means doing it in the least-cost manner.” Baker said the state hasn’t seen rate hikes like these since the 1970s. …

California’s largest utility, Pacific Gas and Electric, raised its rates over the winter by an average of about $34 per month, or a 127 percent increase over 10 years. A fifth of its customers are behind on their bills, according to an analysis from Baker’s office. The state’s two other major investor-owned utilities are also seeking increases.

Biden’s latest climate rules crack down on manufacturing, ignoring industry warnings of economic devastation By Thomas Catenacci Fox News Biden admin’s actions will ‘grind permits to a halt for a large portion of our country’ The Biden administration finalized regulations severely tightening restrictions on fine particulate matter that the manufacturing and energy sectors are legally allowed to emit, an action that industry said would have devastating economic consequences. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) unveiled […]

French climatologist: Shift to renewable energy would make economic growth impossible – Solar & wind ‘will not allow us to maintain today’s modern industrial world’ By Paul Homewood Even climatologists are beginning to realise that the emperor has no clothes! Economic growth as we know it is impossible if governments shift to 100 per cent renewable energy, a renowned French climatologist has said. Jean-Marc Jancovici, the author of World Without End, the graphic novel on climate change which has […]

Reducing inequality is essential in tackling climate crisis, researchers argue – Urge ‘progressive taxation rates’ & ’employer-subsidized low-carbon meal options’ – University of Cambridge: In a report just published in the journal Nature Climate Change, researchers argue that tackling inequality is vital in moving the world toward Net-Zero—because inequality constrains who can feasibly adopt low-carbon behaviors.

University of Cambridge: “It’s increasingly acknowledged that there’s inequality in terms of who causes climate change and who suffers the consequences, but there’s far less attention being paid to the effect of inequality in changing behaviors to reduce carbon emissions,” said Dr. Charlotte Kukowski, a postdoctoral researcher in the University of Cambridge Departments of Psychology and Zoology, and first author of the report.

The researchers say there is lack of political recognition of the barriers that can make it difficult for people to change to more climate-friendly behaviors. … Cooking more meat-free meals: plant-based meat alternatives currently tend to be less affordable than the animal products they are trying to replace.

They suggest a range of policy interventions, such as urban planning to include bus and bike lanes and pedestrian-friendly routes, progressive taxation rates on wealth and income, and employer-subsidized low-carbon meal options.

‘I’m not buying new stuff any more’: The young people getting into ‘degrowth’ – ‘Cancelling some TV subscriptions & keeping coats & socks much longer’ “I’ve always been a charity shop girl,” says Rosie Coltman, a 32-year-old teacher from Leicestershire. In recent years, she has shifted from fast fashion towards renting and repairing clothes, or buying secondhand or higher-quality items. She has bought a waxed Barbour jacket that, while more expensive in the short term, she hopes will be […]