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Canada’s New Democratic Party introduces bill that would prescribe jail terms for speaking well of fossil fuels By Tristin Hopper C-372, also known as the Fossil Fuel Advertising Act, was tabled Monday as a private member’s bill by NDP MP Charlie Angus An NDP bill is seeking to criminalize the “promotion” of fossil fuels, and prescribe jail time even for Canadians who say scientifically true things such as how burning natural […]

India plans to double coal production, ignoring climate pledges

India plans to double coal production, ignoring climate pledges  Bloomberg, 9 January 2024 The south Asian giant is setting new targets to use more coal, despite committing to transitioning away from fossil fuels. As climate diplomats at COP28 in Dubai debated an agreement to transition away from fossil fuels last December, India was facing another energy […]

Dr. Willie Soon on the origins of ‘fossil fuels’ – We should be careful not to assume all of the hydrocarbons on Earth are ‘fossil fuels’ Dr. Soon’s comments on the discussion of the origin of fossil fuels In the first part of the interview, Tucker Carlson asked Dr. Soon some questions about the possibility that hydrocarbons (gas, oil and coal) could be produced “abiogenically” as opposed to requiring a biological source.   Gas, oil and coal are commonly referred […]

Biden just pledged to shut down 60% of America’s electric power By Stephen Moore The Biden administration made two virtue-signaling proclamations at last week’s COP28 conference in Dubai that it says will help save the planet from climate change. The policies aren’t likely to change the planet’s temperature by even one-tenth of a degree, but they might just destroy the 21st-century American industrial economy as we know it. […]

Climate Emperor John Kerry decrees no coal plants should be ‘permitted anywhere in the world’ U.S. climate envoy John Kerry said he thinks coal plants should not be “permitted anywhere in the world.” During a speech at the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference, Kerry said he is becoming “more and more” militant about climate policy because people are avoiding responsibility. “We don’t need that necessarily to tell us […]

Kerry at UN summit declares US is joining the no-coal pledge – Biden Admin commits to building no new coal plants & phasing out existing plants DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — The United States committed to the idea of phasing out coal power plants, joining 56 other nations in kicking the coal habit that’s a huge factor in global warming. U.S. Special Envoy John Kerry announced over the weekend that America was joining the Powering Past Coal Alliance, which means […]

China Boosts Coal & Gas Consumption as Power Demand Nears Record High China is ramping up coal and natural gas production, imports, and consumption as its electricity demand jumped in the year’s second half and looks to hit a record-high winter peak demand. Chinese authorities have been keen to avoid a repeat of last year’s shortages and spiking prices and have instructed utilities and producers to […]