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Hawaii gets rid of its last coal plant — then rolling blackouts hit the island

Morano on TNT: “Hawaii has eliminated coal; it’s gone!’ – You get that? Hawaii gets rid of its last coal plant, commits to going carbon neutral — and the rolling blackouts begin! And by the way, the solar panels can’t be blamed. It was– was heavy rain. Who would have thought on a tropical island that it would rain? Of course, no one knew that. That’s unforeseen. No one’s at fault with solar. Solar is the most wonderful, safe, and effective power source with no flaws.”

Hawaii has bragged that they are first state of the entire United States to declare itself carbon neutral and net zero by 2045

Hawaii replaces its last coal plant with a Tesla battery system– Jan. 31, 2024 – Hawaii’s goal of being 100% powered by green energy technology by 2045 may be getting a significant push forward. Following the closure of its last remaining coal plant in 2022, the Aloha State will now be utilizing a Tesla Megapack battery system installed by energy company Plus Power to deliver electricity to its grid. “This project provides another example of Hawaii’s leadership in the clean energy transition,” said Mark B. Glick, Hawaii’s chief energy officer. “The grid modernization strategies employed by Plus Power support a cleaner, more reliable and more affordable energy system.” Situated across eight acres on the island of Oahu near the capital city of Honolulu, the facility boasts 158 Megapack battery systems, each comparable in size to a standard shipping container. This newly implemented technology matches the electric output of the retired coal plant, with Tesla saying it is the “most advanced grid-scale battery energy storage system in the world.” “This is a landmark milestone in the transition to clean energy,” said Brandon Keefe, Plus Power’s executive chairman.

Here’s how it’ll work: Hawaii’s tropical climate makes it an ideal tourist destination and those sunny skies are also perfect for solar energy. Almost too perfect. The state’s previous grid setup didn’t have the capacity to store all the power that was being
generated from solar panels, so much of that unused cleaner electricity just went to waste. This new Tesla battery project will help reduce that amount of unused renewable energy by nearly 70%.

Rolling blackouts expected to be implemented across Oahu – January 8, 2024 – HECO (Hawaiian Electric) said due to a shortage of reserve generation capacity, they were expecting to implement rolling blackouts across Oahu.

Rolling outages instituted on Hawaii Island amid power generation issues – Jan 30, 2024 – HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – Hawaiian Electric is instituting 30-minute rolling outages in parts of Hawaii Island on Tuesday after unexpectedly losing several large generators. Also contributing to the problem is near zero wind resources. Officials said the emergency outages are needed to avoid larger problems. … It’s unclear how long the rolling blackouts will take place.