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Chile and the revolt against climate-change policies By H. Sterling Burnett Add Chile to the growing list of countries whose governments are suffering a backlash as average people, tired of elites forcing costly climate policies down their throats, take to the streets to protest higher energy costs. Although, undoubtedly, many issues stoked the protests on the streets across Chile, the Washington Post rightly notes […]

Global warming policies wreaking havoc By CFACT |October 30th, 2019| Policies imposed by politicians to address purported man-made global warming are worse than fruitless; they are increasingly counter-productive and harmful to ordinary citizens. From the ranging wildfires in California, to natural gas shortages in New York, to the “yellow vest” riots in France – they all have a common theme. It […]

Chile Cancels UN Climate Summit Amid Energy Cost Revolt GWPF Newsletter 30/10/19 Chile Cancels UN Climate Summit Amid Energy Cost Revolt 1) Chile Cancels Annual Talk-Fest For Climate Activists BBC News, 30 October 2019 2) 1000 Doomsday Academics Demand Career Breaks So They Can ‘Save The Planet From Climate Change’ The Daily Telegraph, 30 October 2019 3) Warmist Waffle, The Albatross Round Attenborough’s […]

BREAKING: Chilean unrest cancels COP 25, the UN climate conference! — Irony Alert: Climate policy caused energy price riots caused Chile to call of UN summit By Craig Rucker |October 30th, 2019|General Information|1 Comment Chilean President Sebastian Pinera just announced that his country is cancelling COP 25, the UN climate conference that was scheduled to take place in Santiago December 2 -13. Chile also canceled APEC, the Asia Pacific Economic Conference that was to open November 16th and at which […]

Chile Explodes: Expensive Climate Policies Spark Mass Riots, Just Like the Yellow Vest Protests in France Date: 26/10/19 By James Taylor, The Epoch Times Climate activists and the United Nations are suffering a major black eye this week as protests and riots resulting from high energy prices have erupted in Santiago, Chile. Chilean firefighters extinguish burning buses during clashes between protesters and the riot police in Santiago, on Oct. 19, […]

EU fails to set tougher climate targets before December U.N. conference from Reuters BRUSSELS (Reuters) – European Union government leaders declined on Friday to set tougher targets for fighting climate change, dashing hopes they would inject momentum into a United Nations climate conference in Chile in December. At a two-day EU summit in Brussels, which was largely dominated by Brexit, discussion on climate was relegated […]