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Watch: Morano on Fox & Friends presents the top 4 ‘climate hypocrites’ of 2023 – And the winner is…

Fox News Channel – Fox and Friends – Broadcast December 30, 2023

Rachel Campos-Duffy: Mirror mirror on the wall. Which climate activist was the most hypocritical of them all. Marc Morano, we love him,  he has all the names and he joins us next…So who tops the list of biggest climate Hypocrites this year? Well our next guest can name a few. Climate Depot publisher Marc Morano joins us now in a very snazzy red suit.

Marc Morano: I’m ready to celebrate.  I take award ceremonies very seriously.

Rachel Campos-Duffy: I love it. So who tops this Oscar?

Marc Morano: Climate Hypocrite #4: We start with King Charles. … King Charles, formerly Prince Charles, is issuing climate tipping points and here’s the thing Rachel he has servants reportedly iron his shoelaces, and he travels with a portable toilet. So I think he’s probably the last person on planet Earth who should be lecturing us. 

Climate Hypocrite #3: The UN cop 28 the Climate Summit itself. It had the largest carbon footprint in the history of climate summits. .. As CNN was telling us we needed ‘carbon passports’ to travel — us the unwashed masses –the UN climate was also planning on restricting our meat eating as John Kerry announced he wanted to go after agriculture. But at the UN climate summit,  they were serving wagyu beef, Philly cheese steaks, they had lavish restaurants serving meat. There were no insects on the menu and there was no Bill Gates lab-grown meat either.

Climate Hypocrite #2: Next on the list is before we get to the final winner here is none other than Bill Gates himself. Bill Gates has literally had the world’s largest carbon footprint for years. Gates has a $43 million Oceanfront home and he’s got a $30,000 a month electricity bill again. 

Climate Hypocrite #1: The winner is John Kerry, and John Kerry gets this award easily for the end of 2023. We have to give the number one climate hypocrite award to John Kerry because he stood before Congress at a hearing and was grilled by a Congressman where he repeatedly said ‘I don’t own a private jet,  I’ve never owned a private jet.’ And it wasn’t until about 45 minutes later that a congressman grilled him and said wait a minute, your wife owned private jets for decades and then finally sold them when the negative media came out, and John Kerry was forced to say, ‘Yes my wife owns one. Yes, I’ve flown in HER private jets.’

Morano: An actual positive award to Abigail Disney, the Disney heiress. We’ve got to give her props. She has come out and stopped flying private jets. She is one of the wealthiest heiresses in the world, heir to the Disney fortune. She now wants to ban private jets for the 1% wealthiest people in the world and I say she’s got it right. We need to support Abigail Disney the Disney heiress, because any of these climate rules they come up with should apply to the John Kerrys and the Bill Gates, and King Charles types first. Let’s experiment on them with travel bans, restrictions on meat eating, insect-eating, And only then should we consider these restrictions for the rest of us. Let’s support what the Disney heiress is doing. .. 

Rachel Campos-Duffy: Marc,  I love how you always bring this to our attention. Wishing you a Happy New Year and thanks for joining us with your awesome list.

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