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The New York Times once again predicts ‘The End of Snow’ due to global warming!

2024: New York Times Predicts ‘The End of Snow’ Again! Flashback 2014: New York Times predicts the end of snow!  Flashback: Despite ‘End of Snow’ Predictions by The New York Times, Ski Resorts are Booming – By Meteorologist Anthony Watts Flashback 2000: ‘Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past’ – ‘Children just aren’t […]

La Times: Epic California snowpack is now the deepest it’s been in decades – Snowpack 205% of normal Drought-weary California is entering February with deeper snowpack than it has seen in four decades, reflecting a healthy boost in the state’s supply of water but also spurring concerns about dryness, flooding and other potential hazards in the months ahead. Statewide Sierra snowpack was 205% of normal for the date on Wednesday, said officials […]

Snow Extent in the Northern Hemisphere in November 2022 Among the Highest in 56 years

By Renato R. Colucci Snow extent in the Northern Hemisphere at the end of November represents an important parameter for the early winter forecast. This year snow extent is running much higher than average and according to existing global estimates, it is now beyond the highest ever observed so far. Winter forecast, especially in its early […]

Claim: ‘Lake Effect Snow is Increasing Because of Global Warming’ By John Farley -CHIEF METEOROLOGIST – ABC Columbia, SC You may have heard that the forecast for Buffalo, New York, is for up to 5 feet of snow between now and Sunday .. you may be wondering if lake effect snow is happening more often.  Well, yes it is.  The reason?  Global Warming.  The Great Lakes […]

SOUTH AMERICA’S FREEZE INTENSIFIES; BLIZZARDS SWEEP TASMANIA, AS ‘TOO MUCH SNOW’ DELAYS REOPENING OF AUSSIE SKI RESORT By CAP ALLON ARGENTINA’S COLDEST AUTUMN SINCE 1976… Argentina has been in the grips of a fierce Antarctic blast in recent weeks, one that is showing few signs of abating. May 2022 finished colder than average across the country, with some northern locales suffering -3C below the multidecadal norm. The month was also drier […]

WEATHER BOOKS REWRITTEN ACROSS SOUTH AMERICA AS ANTARCTIC BLAST INTENSIFIES; + AUSTRALIA SMASHED BY HEAVY SNOWS AND ALL-TIME RECORD JUNE 1, 2022 CAP ALLON WEATHER BOOKS REWRITTEN ACROSS SOUTH AMERICA AS ANTARCTIC BLAST INTENSIFIES South America’s freeze stepped-up a notch on Tuesday, May 31 with multiple nations breaking monthly cold records. Starting in Chile, thermometers bottomed-out at -2.1C (28.2F) in the Santiago — the capital’s coldest May reading since 1969; while an exceptional -5.9C (21.4F) was […]

2021 State of the Climate Report: Empirical observations show no sign of ‘climate crisis’ – ‘Snow cover stable, sea ice levels recovering, & no change in storm activity’ A systematic review of climate trends and observational data by an eminent climate scientist has found no evidence to support the claim of a climate crisis.   In his annual State of the Climate report, Ole Humlum, emeritus professor at the University of Oslo, examined detailed patterns in temperature changes in the atmosphere and oceans together with […]

Wash Post: ‘Climate change is altering the smell of snow’: ‘Its scent is getting stronger’ as temps increase

  Climate change is altering the smell of snow — The Washington Post (@washingtonpost) February 5, 2022 Climate change is altering the smell of snow Its scent is getting stronger as both the atmosphere and the land get warmer, researchers say By Dawn Fallik February 5, 2022 at 9:00 a.m. EST How […]

Climatologist Dr. Roy Spencer: ‘Global warming causes less snow, or more snow? When science produces contradictory claims, is it really science?’ More Snow Hits the Fan this Week: Climate Change Alarmists Still Want it Both Ways By Dr. Roy Spencer January 31st, 2022 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D. As I predicted, climate change has been blamed for the recent New England blizzard (e.g. from Bloomberg here). During that storm, Boston tied its 24-hr snowfall record at […]