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The Billionaire Class Is Fueling The War Against Abundant American Energy BY DAVID BLACKMON It has been an open secret for years now that big foundations funded by billionaire families like the Gates, Getty, and Rockefeller clans have played a big role in funding the various climate alarmist campaigns to vilify so-called “fossil fuels.” Lesser known until recently is the role these billionaire foundations play […]

‘Sustainably transform food systems’ – Reuters: UN’s COP28 targets food & agriculture – ‘The way we produce & eat food causes 30% of world’s greenhouse gas emissions’ – Funding from Bill Gates & Jeff Bezos Earth Fund Reuters: Some 160 nations signed a declaration to include food and agriculture in their climate plans by COP30 in Brazil in two years’ time, and a new initiative, the Alliance of Champions for Food Systems Transformation (ACF), saw five countries, Brazil, Norway, Sierra Leone, Cambodia and Rwanda, go even further, committing to tackling 10 […]

Bezos-funded scientists issue dire climate ‘tipping point’ warning, say to phase out fossil fuels – Billionaire-funded report warns of ‘catastrophic’ consequences if global warming remains at greater than 2.7 degrees F The Earth is careening toward disaster in the next decade as global warming triggers irreversible planetary changes, scientists warn in a new alarmist report. In the new “Global Tipping Points 2023” report, Professor Tim Lenton of the University of Exeter and his team of 200 worldwide researchers identify five natural systems currently at risk […]

CNBC: Private Jets? Multiple Mansions? Mega-yachts? Not to worry! Billionaires like Bill Gates & Jeff Bezos ‘buy carbon offsets’ Why billionaires like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos buy carbon offsets — and how they work By Tom Huddleston Jr. It’s a common refrain: A billionaire loudly promotes potential solutions for climate change while jetting around the world, leaving a sizable carbon footprint. This week, it happened twice. First, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates — […]

Will enviros stay silent?! Billionaires Gates, Bezos & Bloomberg team up to drill for rare earth metals in Greenland needed for electric car batteries – Seek to obtain $1.4 trillion worth of rare natural resources COPENHAGEN, Aug 9 (Reuters) – Mineral exploration company KoBold Metals, backed by billionaires including Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, has signed an agreement with London-listed Bluejay Mining (JAY.L) to search in Greenland for critical materials used in electric vehicles. KoBold, which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to hunt for raw materials, will pay $15 […]

Jeff Bezos says spaceflight reinforced his commitment to solving climate change – Urges polluting industries to be moved to space in order to preserve the environment on Earth CLIMATE IN CRISISJeff Bezos says spaceflight reinforced his commitment to solving climate change“When you look at the planet, there are no borders,” the Amazon founder said. “It’s one planet, and we share it and it’s fragile.” TAP TO UNMUTEJeff and Mark Bezos speak to MSNBC after successful Blue Origin flight: ‘It was a perfect […]

Why space flights’ green credentials don’t fly: Billionaire space race between Bezos & Branson raises climate questions–green-credentials-don-t-fly-20210711-p588oy Why space flights’ green credentials don’t fly After years of work and billions of dollars, Sir Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos are climbing into their own spacecrafts to take trips to the edge of space to prove that space tourism is a viable business. Both claim green credits for their endeavours. Branson’s space flight company Virgin […]

The Real Reason Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Google Want You to Eat Fake ‘Meat’ – ‘Have a big financial interest in getting you to switch to a diet of 100% synthetic beef’ By Dr. Joseph Mercola Story at-a-glance: Bill Gates, who co-funded the startup of the imitation meat company Impossible Foods, now insists synthetic beef is a necessary strategy to address climate change. Gates wants Americans and other Western nations to switch to a diet of 100% synthetic beef. Coincidentally, Oregon is now proposing a ballot initiative […]

Stop the Presses! ‘150 world leaders’ including Jeff Bezos, Ford CEO & Leonardo DiCaprio tell Biden ‘fighting climate means job creation’|twitter&par=sharebar Executives from Jeff Bezos to Ford Motor Co.’s Bill Ford tell Joe Biden: Fighting climate change means job creation By Cat Clifford More than 150 world leaders, including Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff and Ford Motor Company executive chairman Bill Ford, signed an open letter to President Joe Biden to pledge […]