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Global Warming Hysteria: Destroy the Economy to Save Planet!   We are talking economic destruction: Climate scientist Kevin Anderson recently argued in Nature Geoscience that the only way we’ll stay below 2°C is if we either a) develop negative-emissions technology, or b) opt for negative economic growth. The math is too brutal otherwise. Please run on that plank, Democrats! Let the people decide […]

Warmist Prof. Alice Bows-Larkin calls for ‘planned recessions’ to fight ‘global warming’: ‘Economic growth needs to be exchanged’ for ‘planned austerity’ – ‘Whole system change’

Alice Bows-Larkin – Senior Lecturer in Energy and Climate Change – University of Manchester (Full Transcript of her talk here) Filmed June 2015 at TED Global London Prof. Alice Bows-Larkin and her colleague Prof. Kevin Anderson have written papers calling for “planned recessions’ to reduce economic growth and thus emissions in order to fight man-made climate […]

Sierra Club Touts Economic ‘De-Growth’: ‘We have to de-grow our economy’ to ‘temper climate disruption, and foster a stable, equitable world economy’ – ‘WORK LESS TO LIVE MORE’ GREEN BIZ: WORK LESS TO LIVE MORE BY MACKENZIE MOUNT – Sierra’s lifestyle editor Think slow food, but for your whole life In the last century, public opinion has shifted from deeming a 40-hour workweek scandalously short to hailing it as a triumph of modern labor. Now, with a faltering global economy and human […]

Watch Now: Climate Depot’s Morano on Canadian TV on Warmist calls for ‘planned recessions’: ‘This is what the Obama admin is all about, except they don’t announce it. But when you try to restrict energy access and manage an plan and energy economy on every aspect – you suddenly have the power to have planned recessions’

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‘Earth System Governance Project’: UK’s Tyndall Centre Using Public Funds To Promote Left Wing Agenda

‘A planned economic recession’: Global warming prof. Kevin Anderson – who has ‘cut back on showering’ to save planet – asserts economic ‘de-growth’ is needed to fight climate change — Anderson: ‘Continuing with economic growth over the coming two decades is incompatible with meeting our international obligations on climate change’ – Put simply, for the wealthier nations, ‘the […]