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Great Barrier Reef in record coral cover but 97% of Australians don’t know it – Only 3% know the true state of the Reef! By Jo Nova Only 3% of Australians know the true state of the Reef! Ten years ago, coral cover on the Great Barrier Reef hit record lows. The news has been full of dire reports of bleaching ever since, but quietly, a phenomenal recovery was blossoming across the full 2,000 kilometer span of the […]

New study confirms coral reefs are adapting to warmer waters London, 16 February – In a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences scientists have discovered that some corals in the eastern Pacific are adapting to a warmer world by hosting more heat-tolerant algae. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) projects that a 2 degrees C of warming would […]

Listen: Dr. Peter Ridd talks the Great Barrier Reef; corruption of science & his battle with for academic freedom on The Marc Morano Show

Broadcast on October 1, 2022 On today’s show we talk about the Great Barrier Reef; Corruption of science and how the climate debate allows for no dissent; Peter’s battle with for academic freedom. GUEST OVERVIEW: Dr Peter Ridd is a geophysicist with over 100 publications and 35 years’ experience working on the Great Barrier […]

New Study: Great Barrier Reef Defies Doomsday Predictions – Now ‘showing record levels of coral cover’ By RYAN MILLS August 18, 2022 6:30 AMThe headlines were dire: “Half of the Great Barrier Reef’s corals have been killed by climate change,” CBS News reported in October 2020. Bleaching of the reef’s corals is “getting more widespread,” the New York Times reported earlier that year. A Vice headline in 2017 promoting David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II documentary said, “the Great Barrier Reef […]

Despite reports of its demise, The Great Barrier Reef Is Doing Great – Sees ‘Record High Coral Cover’   Peter Ridd on Great Barrier Reef Recovery: Technical Details of Coral Cover Statistics, and Background By Peter Ridd – August 4, 2022 Since 1986, the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) surveys roughly 100 of the 3000 coral reefs of the Great Barrier Reef (GBR). Ridd used this data to construct the coral […]

Biologist Dr Jennifer Marohasy explains how Australia’s ‘Net-Zero’ legislation will ‘decimate farming’ by restricting ‘nitrogen fertilizers’ Keeping You in the Loop By Dr Jennifer Marohasy It was back in 2001 when WWF launched its ‘Save the Reef Campaign’ on World Environment Day that I got to watch the roll out of an environment campaign close-up.  The injustice of that campaign that was intended to limit nitrogen fertilizer use by farmers in […]

Great Barrier Reef expands, breaks coral cover record again – ‘Data confirms reef in rude good heath’ View this email in your browser Great Barrier Reef breaks coral cover record again Press Release Official data confirms reef in rude good heath London, 4 August — Official data released today reveals that Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is in excellent health, with coral cover reaching record levels for the second consecutive year.  Aggregate GBR […]

Analysis debunks ‘false’ UN’s WMO ‘Key Climate Indicators’ report – Point-by-point rebuttal of ‘alarmist’ report

Ron Clutz rebuts UN’s WMO report claiming Oceans are hotter, higher and more acidic, climate report warns Clutz on sea levels: “Altimetry Estimates Are Unreliable. Tidal Gauges show slow, steady coastal rise. Land subsiding or rebounding Makes Local Differences. There was an adjustment made to the dataset, and the “acceleration” comes by starting from the […]

Oceans Were More ‘Acidic’ In The 1730s…Today’s CO2 Levels Are Geologically Trifling By Kenneth Richard A new study shows ocean pH (“acidification”) levels naturally vary seasonally and decadally at rates and magnitudes far exceeding those attributed to anthropogenic activity. In recent decades the oceans’ average pH level has fallen to 8.1 according to NOAA. This pH value is said to be about one-tenth of a […]