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Great Travel Reset: Britons who travel abroad more than once a year would face punitive ‘frequent flyer’ levies under Green Party proposals Greens plan to clip the wings of families who travel abroad more than once a year with ‘frequent flyer’ levies, scrap Trident and increase NI rates, under party’s election pledges By KUMAIL JAFFER Britons who travel abroad more than once a year would face punitive ‘frequent flyer’ levies under Green Party proposals. The party – […]

Great Travel Reset: UK Green Party pushes ‘frequent flyer levies’ to reduce your ‘aerial carbon footprint’ – ‘The freedom to fly at will is an incredible privilege’ – ‘Too much air travel is taking place’

Nick Bowett – – Jan 2023: We need to think about cutting carbon equivalent emissions in every sector, including those that are difficult to decarbonise – such as aviation – in a culturally sensitive way. Introducing a frequent flyer levy would force frequent fliers to think more about their aerial carbon footprint and give them a financial incentive to lower it. …

Instead of hiking the price of all flights a fairer way to counter the burgeoning demand for air travel is to impose a frequent flyer levy. Under well detailed Green Party proposals, this would allow people to take one return flight a year, with no extra levy, so people could go on annual holidays and visit any family they may have abroad. A frequent flyer levy will make people consider if the trip they want to make is necessary and incentivise them to consider taking less carbon intensive forms of transport. … The freedom to fly at will to almost any country in the world – in hours – is an incredible privilege which is now largely overlooked as travelling far afield has become so commonplace, but unfortunately, aviation is notoriously difficult to decarbonise. …

Too much air travel is taking place which is warming our planet, hence damaging ecosystems which we rely on for food, and so forth. More British people travel abroad each year than any other nationality, so it is entirely fitting for the UK to show leadership on tackling this aspect of the climate emergency. 

Biden EPA Rules Will Cause Blackouts for Millions of Americans, Study Warns Washington Free Beacon By Thomas CatenacciJune 12, 2024 President Joe Biden’s aggressive climate regulations targeting fossil-fuel-fired power plants will create widespread electric grid instability and lead to mass blackouts impacting millions of Americans, according to a recent study commissioned by North Dakota’s state government. The research, conducted in May by the firm Always On […]

POLITICO: ‘Road rage’ – EU’s plan to ban gas cars may be key to ‘stunning results from European’ – ‘People don’t like you messing with their cars’ Did gasoline win the European election? By ARIANNA SKIBELL The stunning results from the European election hammered home one reality for leaders on both sides of the Atlantic: People don’t like you messing with their cars. The EU’s plan to ban the sale of internal-combustion-engine vehicles by 2035 emerged as a possible casualty of the conservative victories […]

Republican Lawmakers Should Think Twice Before Buying Into Biden’s Green Energy Fantasy By CRAIG RUCKER – PRESIDENT, COMMITTEE FOR A CONSTRUCTIVE TOMORROW China, India and dozens of other countries still depend heavily on coal to generate electricity, power their economies and ensure people decent living standards. That this is true in the developing world is news to no one. But even in Europe the tide is […]

Europeans voted for maligned, climate denying, far right parties

Despite the hottest year in a hundred thousand years, Europeans voted for maligned, climate denying, far right parties By Jo Nova The spell is broken Thirty years of crafting a fantasy narrative was fine while countries floated on a cloud of endless easy money, but those days are over. Counting is still underway in the […]

‘Green Backlash’: ‘Europe’s progress on climate action’ thrown into doubt as Green vote collapses in European Parliament elections Green parties were on track to lose seats in the European Parliament elections, provisional results showed on Monday. The result comes amid a broader shift to the right and a green backlash — or “greenlash” — against policies designed to tackle the climate crisis and protect the environment. Bas Eickhout, lead candidate for the […]

Celebrate! ‘Rise of the Right threatens EU net zero ambitions’ – Nationalists plan ‘to kill’ net zero, warn European Greens Surging hard-Right parties are plotting to dismantle EU net zero laws after the European elections on Sunday, Green politicians have said. Nationalist forces will overturn the bloc’s ambition to hit the 2050 zero carbon target in the same way they hardened European migration policy by dragging it to the Right, they said. “For them, the next […]