World Economic Forum ‘agenda contributor’ & John Kerry’s daughter, Vanessa, deliberate on how to leverage the ’emotion’ from the ‘pandemic’ to help advance the ‘climate crisis’ narrative, using ‘storytelling’

Vanessa Kerry, the World Health Organization’s special envoy for climate change, spoke on a World Economic Forum panel to discuss how to successfully prey on the public’s fear and emotions following the pandemic to push the “climate crisis” narrative.

World Economic Forum ‘agenda contributor’ Jemilah Mahmood: “The pandemic was an opportunity, I think all over the world, people realize how important health was… now do we take that emotion…of the health factors so critical but guess what guys, the climate crisis is creating more health issues than you can ever imagine, but no one has been able to make that link in the past.” …

Vanessa Kerry: “Covid taught us all these lessons learned, and we should be incorporating that….and the climate crisis is going to be so much worse.”

Jemilah Mahmood: “We were just talking about it earlier: ‘have people forgotten about Covid?’ So, I think it’s about the storytelling element.  I think that a lot of the things we see on health are very doom and gloom very, very much, even on the climate issue,  right, the extent that people feel ‘I can’t deal with this anymore …I can’t do this.’ But telling, you know, really inspiring stories about what is possible if we work together.”

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