Biden & Xi will probably skip UN climate summit COP 28 – But the summit will have Lula, Pope Francis, Bill Gates, John Kerry, Rishi Sunak & King Charles BY CHARLIE COOPER, SARA SCHONHARDT AND ZIA WEISE The annual U.N. climate summit that starts November 30 has become one of the biggest diplomatic setpieces in the global political calendar. Organizers are expecting more than 70,000 people to descend upon Dubai’s Expo City: activists, billionaires, presidents, Indigenous leaders, business executives, monarchs and diplomats from every corner of the world. […]

Ford dramatically scales back EV plant amid plummeting sales in blow to Biden’s green energy goals – ‘This deal was a disaster from the start’ U.S. automaker Ford Motor Company is dramatically scaling back an electric vehicle (EV) battery plant under construction in Michigan as its EV business continues to lose billions of dollars. In an announcement Tuesday, Ford said it would resume the Marshall, Michigan, project, but reduce its scope by more than 40% and the number of jobs it is […]

Former UN IPCC Lead Author Dr. Richard Toll: ‘Abandon emissions targets altogether’ – Explains ‘the money for CO2 removal will go to large multinational companies’

Dr. Richard Tol:  The money for CO2 removal will go to large multinational companies who operate in faraway countries in order to help solve a remote problem. It is hard to get votes for such a subsidy, harder if that subsidy is really large.

Decarbonizing the economy at a more leisurely pace will still require tax reform – but to a much smaller extent, one that is well in line with historical precedent. It would be even better to abandon emissions targets altogether and instead steer climate policy on its cost.

The Fifth National Climate Assessment Report is Driven by Government Deception & Climate Alarmist Politics by Larry Hamlin The U.S. Government recently released the Fifth National Climate Assessment report which falsely claims that: “The climate change signal is “even clearer today than it was five years ago,” Hayhoe said. In the U.S., people across all regions are experiencing hotter temperatures and longer-lasting heat waves, with nighttime and winter temperatures warming the […]

Biden’s National Climate Assessment Report ‘acknowledges that LGBTQ+ people are more vulnerable to the climate crisis’

“Sexual and gender minorities (SGMs) face social, economic, and health disparities and, as a result, experience greater risk of harm from climate change.” – Fifth National Climate Assessment

For the first time, a national climate assessment has included a section dedicated to women’s health and acknowledges that LGBTQ+ people are more vulnerable to the climate crisis. The Fifth National Climate Assessment was released Tuesday by the U.S. Global Change Research Program, a project mandated by Congress that aims to help the public understand climate change impacts. …

In a change from previous assessments, this report paid special attention to how intersecting identities can make certain populations more vulnerable. “If you go back to the earliest National Climate Assessment, that’s super sciency,” Wheeler said. “Very much about climate science, basically about the weather. But we aren’t there right now, we can’t just talk about the weather, we’ve got to talk about social injustices, because that’s where the pain is, right? That’s where the climate crisis is.” …

Through the report, authors made sure to contextualize risk through an intersectional lens, explaining how gender, race and socioeconomic status can exacerbate someone’s vulnerability to the climate crisis.

“Women disproportionately experience the burden of climate change because of unique mental, sexual, and reproductive health needs that intersect with existing social, racial, and economic disparities.” – Fifth National Climate Assessment

“Sexual and gender minorities (SGMs) face social, economic, and health disparities and, as a result, experience greater risk of harm from climate change.” – Fifth National Climate Assessment

Also for the first time, the report explains what the research says around vulnerabilities LGBTQ+ people face due to the climate crisis. Workforce training and equitable access to clean energy jobs, which have tended to exclude women and people of color, are essential elements of a just transition to a decarbonized economy.” – Fifth National Climate Assessment


Environmental Justice a Key Theme Throughout Biden’s National Climate Assessment – The report finds that societal factors, including historic racism, have shaped the climate reality for many communities of color. It also details the impacts of climate change on Indigenous people, public health and agriculture.

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Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. slams Biden climate report: It ‘pours fuel on the pathological politicization of climate science’ – ‘More a glossy promotional brochure’ than ‘a careful assessment of the scientific literature’ Original Sin: The U.S. National Climate Assessment was Off Track from the Start By ROGER PIELKE JR. Excerpt: Over the past few days I have commented on X/Twitter about the just-released Fifth U.S. National Climate Assessment (NCA). It is much more a glossy promotional brochure than anything resembling a careful assessment of the scientific literature on […]

Biden Admin’s New Climate Report Touts Use Of ‘Indigenous Knowledge’ By ROBERT SCHMAD The Biden administration’s newest report on climate change says it used “indigenous knowledge” to arrive at its findings. The fifth National Climate Assessment incorporated “indigenous knowledge” with scientific literature to assess “the science of climate change and variability and its impacts across the United States.” The report defines indigenous knowledge as “bodies of […]