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POLITICO: ‘Europe’s Greens take a beating at the polls. Is the US next?’ By JOEL KIRKLAND Climate action on the other side of the Atlantic flourished after the “green wave” and “quiet revolution” of the 2019 elections elevated the Green Party into a force in the European Parliament. Five years later, a reversal of political fortunes in Europe could upend the move to zero-carbon energy and a hard […]

UK Times: Europe’s Green rollback has arrived! The ‘days of climate consensus have gone’ By Ben Spencer Science Editor, Sunday Times The European green wave, which has surged across the continent since 2019, finally came to a halt yesterday, dying on the dry sands of public opinion. The results of the European elections spell an end to the greenest EU parliament ever seen. The Green grouping — elected […]

United Nations, Climate Censor: Secretary-General wants to ban advertising by fossil-fuel companies By WSJ The Editorial Board The United Nations has lousy ideas about nearly everything these days, but sometimes even Turtle Bay outdoes itself. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres did that last week when he said countries should ban advertising for fossil fuels. “Many in the fossil fuel industry have shamelessly greenwashed—even as they have sought to delay climate […]

Europeans voted for maligned, climate denying, far right parties

Despite the hottest year in a hundred thousand years, Europeans voted for maligned, climate denying, far right parties By Jo Nova The spell is broken Thirty years of crafting a fantasy narrative was fine while countries floated on a cloud of endless easy money, but those days are over. Counting is still underway in the […]

‘Green Backlash’: ‘Europe’s progress on climate action’ thrown into doubt as Green vote collapses in European Parliament elections Green parties were on track to lose seats in the European Parliament elections, provisional results showed on Monday. The result comes amid a broader shift to the right and a green backlash — or “greenlash” — against policies designed to tackle the climate crisis and protect the environment. Bas Eickhout, lead candidate for the […]

Celebrate! ‘Rise of the Right threatens EU net zero ambitions’ – Nationalists plan ‘to kill’ net zero, warn European Greens Surging hard-Right parties are plotting to dismantle EU net zero laws after the European elections on Sunday, Green politicians have said. Nationalist forces will overturn the bloc’s ambition to hit the 2050 zero carbon target in the same way they hardened European migration policy by dragging it to the Right, they said. “For them, the next […]

Watch: Morano on Fox & Friends on how ‘green’ Olympics went bust & how ‘We, the peasants, are going to be massively restricted in our movement’

Fox News Channel – Fox & Friends – Broadcast June 8, 2024 publisher Marc Morano discusses athletes bringing portable AC units to the Olympic games despite its push to go green and warns of the restrictions on transportation by the climate agenda. Climate expert warns of ‘new era that’s being descended’ Wash Post declares […]

UN Climate Summit’s COP29 hosts say they’ll keep expanding fossil fuels – Azerbaijan’s president declared his country’s gas reserves are a ‘gift of the gods’ The incoming president of the COP29 UN climate summit in Azerbaijan told AFP on Friday that his country would keep increasing fossil fuel production “in parallel” with investments in cleaner alternatives. Mukhtar Babayev defended his country’s hosting of the world’s most important climate summit despite its surging natural gas exports, even as UN chief Antonio Guterres […]