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RIP: Former Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe dies at 89 – Morano gives tribute

By Greg Norman Fox News

Former Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe has died Tuesday at the age of 89, Fox News has confirmed.

Inhofe, a Republican, was the state’s longest serving senator from 1994 to 2023 and passed away peacefully this morning surrounded by his wife Kay, his children and other family members, a former senior aide tells Fox News.


Marc Morano Statement: “My deepest condolences to Senator James Inhofe’s family. Inhofe was a stand-out political leader. Inhofe, who authored the book The Greatest Hoax, stood up fearlessly to the alleged climate ‘consensus’ and the political ‘solutions’ being promoted to ‘solve’ climate change. Senator Inhofe, my former boss, stared down the media and political establishment when other Republicans were intimidated into silence.

2008 at U.S. Senate

It was an honor to work for Senator Inhofe as the Communications Director for the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee. He was absolutely fearless when it came to the global warming agenda. He was the only Republican in the Senate who has stood up to the media, politically and financially co-opted academia, and the UN. He has fought them all for decades on end.

Senator Inhofe’s legacy in the climate change battle is unparalleled. If anyone ever doubted the power of one man standing up and saying no and preventing unscientific and ineffective ‘climate legislation’ from passing, look no further than Senator Inhofe. His courage in standing up to his own party, the media, and the establishment was an inspiration and a very rare commodity on Capitol Hill.

Senator Inhofe at the UN Copenhagen climate summit in December 2009. 

Inhofe was Trump before Trump. The Senator always had a quip, joke, or clever way to flip the narrative of hostile media reporters (and there were plenty of those). Inhofe said what was on his mind and said it bluntly — oftentimes with humor. Even his arch rivals, like Calif. Dem Senator Barbara Boxer, could not help but be drawn to his humor and wit. He was a joy to work for and treated all of his staff with respect and dignity.

Due to the lighting rod nature of his successful climate crusade against cap-and-trade and the UN agenda, his Senate staff was often subjected to much pressure from official DC disapproval. Senator Inhofe helped me immensely to understand how to oppose bad ideas in Washington, and he was instrumental in my launching my climate-focused career. He attracted talented high-level staff, and the proof of that is how his former staff members turned into a Who’s Who of those running official Washington’s environmental policies many years later. I have stayed in touch with many former Inhofe staffers, and we are like a fraternity of loyal foot soldiers who respected and admired Inhofe.  The U.S. Senate and America has lost a great one. He will be sorely missed.”


Excerpt from The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change: 

Marc Morano: “In 2006, when I was working at the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, the public was hungry for a scientific smackdown of Gore and the UN’s claims of settled science. When committee chair Senator James Inhofe, gave an hour-long speech presenting climate science rebuttals, the public ignited. I vividly recall my phone ringing off the hook when Senator Inhofe’s speech was linked on the Drudge Report. When majority staff director Andrew Wheeler came into my office, I randomly picked up calls on speakerphone so he could hear the public thanking us for not being intimidated into silence when it came to climate science.”


Senator Inhofe was a gentleman, scholar, family man, and patriot. Shame on the headline writers.   

The Oklahoman (7/9/24) reports: “The death Tuesday of longtime Republican Senator, U.S. Representative, state legislator and Tulsa Mayor James Inhofe drew immediate and widespread comment. Gov. Kevin Stitt quickly ordered state flags to be flown at half-mast. ‘Sarah and I are saddened by the news of the passing of Senator Inhofe and our hearts go out to Kay, their children and grandchildren,’ the governor said in a media statement. ‘Jim was a generational Oklahoman who relentlessly championed our veterans, never wavered in protecting our values, and a firm believer in the American Dream. Jim will be remembered as a true statesman and public servant— and a fighter for Oklahoma. In honor of his memory and service, I’m ordering all flags on state property to be flown at half-staff until tomorrow evening.’ Inhofe was a fixture in Oklahoma politics for many years. He was the longest-serving U.S. Senator in Oklahoma history and before that was a member of the U.S. House for eight years. Prior to that, he spent four years as mayor of Tulsa and 10 years in the Oklahoma Legislature. Inhofe ran for governor in 1974 but lost to Democrat David Boren, the man he would later succeed in the Senate.”

James Inhofe, iconoclastic former senator from Oklahoma, dies at 89 – Roll Call

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