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Debate preview: ‘Trump is expected to go after Biden for many of his climate & energy policies’

Via In the Pipeline newsletter:

If Sleepy Joe can stay awake, there’s nowhere he can run from his record on energy. If you need a refresher, here’s the latest 225 actions his administration have taken to make it harder to produce American energy.

Washington Examiner (6/27/24) reports: “Former President Donald Trump is expected to go after President Joe Biden for many of his climate and energy policies Thursday night in Atlanta as they square off in the first 2024 presidential debate. Unlike previous debates, including those between Trump and Biden in 2020, Thursday’s showdown is unique because both men onstage will have served almost a full first term in office, giving each other plenty of ammo. Trump is expected to argue that Biden’s efforts to boost clean energy and limit carbon emissions have weakened U.S. national security and energy dominance, leaving the nation vulnerable to adversaries like Russia and China. ‘I don’t think these two candidates could be any further and distinctly different on energy issues than they have been,’ Dan Kish, the senior vice president of the American Energy Alliance, a conservative-aligned advocacy group, told the Washington Examiner in an interview. Trump will likely focus primarily on restoring fossil fuel production and exporting energy to allies…The president of the American Energy Alliance authored a report this week outlining more than 220 actions that the group says Biden and his allies have taken in the past three years to restrict energy production, which Kish told the Washington Examiner illustrates the wide range of activities that Trump could seize on in the debate to go after Biden.”