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Watch: Morano on Varney on Fox: ‘The Net Zero agenda is very similar–to Soviet-style central planning & Denmark’s cow fart tax is designed to ‘force people to eat plant-based or lab-grown, & even insects’

Varney & Co. – w/ Stuart Varney – Fox Business Channel – Broadcast June 27, 2024 Excerpts: Morano: China is leading the way with these massive increases in the use of fossil fuels. Some of the estimates are one to two coal plants per week that they’re building. Globally, we spent almost $2 trillion in […]

Update: Denmark’s fart tax on cows & pigs related to their ‘government-led action plan’ to push fake meat (‘plant-based’ foods)

You know why Denmark wants to tax cow & pig farts and burps? It’s not an accident; it’s related to their “government-led action plan” to push fake meat (“plant-based” foods). — Gabriella Hoffman (@Gabby_Hoffman) June 27, 2024 Full Danish food plan here: Bloomberg News: How Denmark Is Nudging the Nation to […]

Debate preview: ‘Trump is expected to go after Biden for many of his climate & energy policies’

Via In the Pipeline newsletter: If Sleepy Joe can stay awake, there’s nowhere he can run from his record on energy. If you need a refresher, here’s the latest 225 actions his administration have taken to make it harder to produce American energy. Washington Examiner (6/27/24) reports: “Former President Donald Trump is expected to go after President […]

Dumbest Climate Study Ever?!: ‘The effect of temperature on language complexity’ – Claims: ‘Climate change could reduce the speech complexity & productivity of politicians’

The peer-reviewed paper is “The effect of temperature on language complexity: Evidence from seven million parliamentary speeches” by Risto Conte Keivabu and Tobias Widmann in Cell.

Here, as the wrote them, are the “highlights” of the paper:

“Heat has been associated with decreased productivity and cognitive performance

We find warmer temperatures to reduce language complexity of politicians

In Germany, we observe a larger effect of warm days on older politicians

Climate change could reduce the speech complexity and productivity of politicians”

In this article, we leverage information on parliamentary speeches to focus on one of these outcomes: language complexity (which could serve as a potential proxy for cognitive performance).

“We examine the marginal effects of gender as studies have shown that women are more detrimentally affected by cold exposure and men are more affected by heat exposure. In Figure 3, we report results of the marginal effects of temperature on the Flesch-Kincaid score adding an interaction with gender. We observe a larger effect size of hot temperatures (>24°C) for male politicians and smaller for female politicians. …

We believe that this study is an important first step in understanding the impact of environmental factors on language complexity leveraging large scale observational data on parliamentary speeches. Given the reality of climate change, the influence of extreme temperatures on language complexity, and more specifically on the quality of political discourse, raises significant concerns.