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Larry Fink at WEF destroys net zero due to AI power demands: ‘The world is going to be short power. And to power these data companies you cannot have just this intermittent power like wind & solar. You need dispatchable power’



Washington Post: “The voracious electricity consumption of artificial intelligence is driving an expansion of fossil fuel use — including delaying the retirement of some coal-fired plants. …

Tech companies had promised “clean energy would be this magical, infinite resource,” said Tamara Kneese, a project director at the nonprofit Data & Society, which tracks the effect of AI and accuses the tech industry of using “fuzzy math” in its climate claims. “Coal plants are being reinvigorated because of the AI boom,” Kneese said. “This should be alarming to anyone who cares about the environment.” … Data centers, the nondescript warehouses packed with racks of servers that power the modern internet, have been around for decades. But the amount of electricity they need now is soaring because of AI. … A ChatGPT-powered search, according to the International Energy Agency, consumes almost 10 times the amount of electricity as a search on Google.


AI = Energy Detransition: Energy analyst Mark P. Mills Testifies to Congress on how massive electricity demand for AI means ‘policymakers can no longer entertain the idea of an ‘energy transition’

Mills: “Given the emerging scales of electricity demand from the cloud and AI, especially when added to the emerging demands from reshoring manufacturing and promoting EVs, it should be clear that policymakers can no longer entertain the idea of an “energy transition.” The nation’s electric sector will need full access to all options to ensure enough electricity is produced reliably, and at prices American businesses, and ultimately the public, can afford.”

Black Rock’s Larry Fink Admits Green Energy IS A FRAUD! – At the WEF, Larry Fink ironically destroys net-zero when it comes to the power needed for AI: “By 2030 [data centers] need 30 gigawatts.. Where’s that power gonna come from? To power these data companies you can’t have intermittent power like wind & solar


Wash Post admits reality: ‘Amid explosive demand, America is running out of power’ – U.S. ‘power grid’ being pushed ‘to the brink. Utilities can’t keep up’ – ‘It is staggering’ – But WaPo frets energy shortage ‘threatens to stifle the transition to cleaner energy’