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Marc Morano speaks to Turning Point USA at San Diego State University in California – Talked COVID lockdowns as a model for a ‘climate emergency’


San Diego State University Driessen Fellow Sasha Reva recently organized a successful event featuring CFACT’s very own Marc Morano this past week. Marc gave a resounding presentation titled “Unmasking the Climate Agenda” to a nearly full house in an outdoor courtyard of an on-campus dining facility.

Sasha partnered with the campus’ TPUSA chapter and Leadership Institute in organizing the event. The presentation showed how the Left would like to use the COVID lockdowns as a model for a “climate emergency” (just this week, the Biden administration announced that they were again considering declaring such an emergency before the election). As demonstrated by alarmist Justin Trudeau when he said he envied the dictatorial power of the CCP, they want to find a reason to perpetually give themselves COVID-era powers, and they view climate change as the perfect excuse, reported Marc.

The audience was very appreciative to hear this information from such a renowned expert. One student who attended, Lily Alvarez, said, “I am currently a student in a Politics of Environment class, and it was very intriguing to listen to him challenge and elaborate on many key points about climate change that we were listening about all semester. This was a great learning opportunity, and it was interesting to hear from two environmentalists where they are essentially saying the opposite to each other. Marc was a real eye-opener on this topic!”