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Euro election shock: Voters ‘rejected the eco-socialist consensus that has prevailed for decades’ – ‘The green blob is slinking away its tail between its legs’

‘May you live in interesting times’, it is sometimes wished. I’m not so sure myself. The chaos that is engulfing the western world is nothing if not unnerving. It’s not all – or even mostly – climate related, but the comments reported below from the outgoing head of the German stock exchange show that decarbonisation is appalling on its own. Things are very bad indeed east of the Rhine.

Still, there is every sign that rapid change is impending, or even already upon us. The impact of the European election results is still sinking in, but it appears beyond doubt that electorates across the bloc, and particularly the young, are rejecting the eco-socialist consensus that has prevailed for decades. The right is triumphant and the green blob is slinking away its tail between its legs.

And in Britain, the sudden and rapid rise of Reform, prompted by the return of Nigel Farage, is going to force the media to address climate and energy policy in a way they have managed to avoid doing for years.

So there is hope, but a long hard struggle ahead to get the country back to sanity.

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