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Celebrate! ‘Rise of the Right threatens EU net zero ambitions’ – Nationalists plan ‘to kill’ net zero, warn European Greens

Surging hard-Right parties are plotting to dismantle EU net zero laws after the European elections on Sunday, Green politicians have said.

Nationalist forces will overturn the bloc’s ambition to hit the 2050 zero carbon target in the same way they hardened European migration policy by dragging it to the Right, they said.

“For them, the next horizon, the next battle, is indeed to kill these green, woke policies,” said Philippe Lamberts, the co-president of the European Greens.

“Osmosis” with traditional Right-wing parties was already weakening EU green laws, he said, and could impact on new bills and reviews of existing net zero legislation.

Green parties are predicted to shed 17 MEPs and drop from the fourth largest group in the European Parliament to the sixth just five years after their best ever results in 2019 following Greta Thunberg’s climate protests.


Anti-EU, and often climate sceptic, parties are predicted to perform strongly in the EU elections on Sunday.

Farmers’ tractor protests against green laws have paralysed Europe for months.

Mr Lamberts said many traditional parties had supported net zero after the mass youth demonstrations but had now abandoned their support of it.

“There is a clear and present danger to the future of the European Green Deal” the Belgian MEP told The Telegraph.

Eurosceptic parties are predicted to win in seven member states, including Italy and France, and come second or third in another 10 once the votes of about 370 million people across 27 countries are counted on Sunday.

Hard-Right leaders such as Geert Wilders want the Dutch to leave the Paris agreement on climate change, while Italy’s Giorgia Meloni described the EU as waging a “holy war” on green issues.