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Professor says we can stop emissions with a pandemic that kills billions

Professor says we can stop emissions with a pandemic that kills billions

By Jo Nova

Death cult at nine

Let’s just say, hypothetically, that someone wanted an excuse to reduce global population, or limit competing tribes and religions, there’s a scientific hat for that. Climate Change is the ultimate excuse for mass death — done in the nicest possible way and for the most honorable of reasons. But isn’t that what they all say: Jim Jones, the Branch Davidians, Heavens Gate —  death makes the world a better place?

The cult that pretends it isn’t a cult sells itself as “science”. I mean, what is the worst thing you can think of? Would that be one degree of warming, or the Black Death?

In Bill McQuire’s mind the catastrophe is not when billions of innocent people die.

One hundred years from now, what would our great grandchildren prefer: that the world was slightly cooler or they were never born at all? If you hate humans it’s a terrible dilemma…

Bill McGuire, vulcanologist, accidentally put his primal instincts in a tweet last weekend:

Culling for the climate. Thirty years of telling us that humans are bad has consequences. As Elon Musk said” They want a holocaust for humanity.” It turns out a televised diet of one-sided climate projection by mendicant B-Grade witchdoctors might be a dangerous thing for mental health. If only Bill McQuire had seen a skeptic on TV?

Predictably the McGuire tweet spread far, and got crushing replies so the Emeritus Professor deleted it, as all cowards do, yelling at us:

McGuire, deleted. tweet.

To which the winning reply was:

McGuire kept digging, declaring that “ I DID NOT SAY ‘WE NEED A PANDEMIC..’” only of course, he did say we need emissions reduction and that a pandemic was the only realistic way to do that. He told us he was being brutally honest after all. “I COULD HAVE SAID SOCIETY-BUSTING ASTEROID IMPACT INSTEAD OF PANDEMIC” he lamented, like that was so much better.

So spread the word, academia has become a cult. Don’t let children go there unprotected.

Remember once a mind is infected with Climate Change, bioweapons are just another kind of carbon credit.

The problem is not the Climate Cult itself, it’s the censorship that feeds the sickness…