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The climate is a threat to Democracy! Trudeau Govt to Investigate ‘How Climate Change Interacts With Democratic Decline’


Self-described “basic Chinese dictatorship” admirer — I don’t need to play the clip here, right? We’ve all seen it by now — and effeminate Xi Jinping boy-toy Justin Trudeau has big new plans for the money his government farms from the serfs.

Via The Daily Messenger (emphasis added):

The Canadian Government will invest C$8.4 million (US$6.1 million) to investigate how climate change affects the decline of democracy, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Wednesday (20 March).

The Canadian premier delivered the remarks during his virtual participation at the Third Summit for Democracy convened by South Korea.

“Today, I’m announcing that Canada is investing C$8.4 million on research across the global south to better understand how climate change interacts with democratic decline,” Trudeau said.

The world is confronted to growing insecurity tied to armed conflicts and climate change, Trudeau said. The funding will also assist in preserving the human rights of environmental defenders, he said.

Canada is increasing and expanding its funding for non-profit organization Acces Now in a bid to ensure human rights defenders and others who may face digital threats, have the proper tools to protect themselves, Trudeau added.

He goes on in the same clip to repeat the same tired points about the alleged threat that “disinformation” poses to Democracy™, Inclusion™ and “youth empowerment,” etc.

Anyway, what precisely is the relationship between atmospheric carbon and popular control over the mechanics of governance?

Does Climate Change™ hurt sacred Democracy™, or does Trumpy-like fascism drive Climate Change™? What’s the cause-and-effect chart like here?

Who cares! Shut your mouth bigot, and fork over your check to Mommy Trudeau because The Science™, and because Democracy™.

Obviously, no one, Trudeau included, actually understands what “research across the global south to better understand how climate change interacts with democratic decline” entails because it’s NGO-speak drivel, but you can be sure some public-private sector entrepreneurs are going to get rich.

You can also be sure no so-called “journalism” permitted within a square kilometer of Lady Trudeau will ever ask for any clarification on the points raised above.