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Listen: Morano on The Joe Piscopo Show talks about how conservatives are using the Endangered Species Act to save the whales from offshore wind projects

Morano: “I’m with Climate Depot, and my parent group, the Committee For a Constructive Tomorrow, has joined with The Heartland Institute and the National Legal Policy Center. We are suing to save the whales in the US District Court in the District of Columbia. We are suing Dominion Energy and the federal government to say they have not properly looked at the Endangered Species laws as to how to protect the whales and that offshore wind is harming the whales’ sonar, causing the death and beachings and impacting endangered species. We are going to have our day in court. This is now filed and we are now being attacked by Bloomberg News. We’re being attacked by Reuters as right-wing groups posing as conservationists. And as I’ve said on this program before: Where are the 1970s, Volvo driving, save the whale liberals, when you need them?! Well, guess what? They’ve been replaced by the conservative activists and libertarians out there who are now stepping up. And here’s the kicker, Joe. We’re using the 1970s endangered species laws championed by the environmentalists to save the whales from the green energy wind farms. And the environmentalists have been silent on this issue. So it’s up to us, the conservatives, to stand up and fight this.

Joe Piscopo: God bless you, Marc. Great, great chat. I always thank you, Keep the fight Marc Morano come back anytime my brother.

Morano: Thanks, Joe.

Piscopo: Marc Morano, former senior staff member of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, publisher a  You go to and pick up that book, please. The Great Reset. It’s scary. Marc Morano.