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Maine rejects sweeping EV mandate in blow to governor’s climate agenda – ‘Affordable transportation is a requirement, not a luxury, in rural Maine’ – Dem Maine Rep. declares By Thomas Catenacci Fox News Maine’s top environmental regulator rejected a proposed state electric vehicle (EV) mandate in a surprise vote, bucking climate concerns voiced by eco groups and Democrats. The Maine Board of Environmental Protection (BEP) turned down the so-called Advanced Clean Cars program after receiving overwhelming opposition from stakeholders and citizens. The proposed program would have […]

Watch: Morano in Epoch TV special on Great Reset & Climate Agenda – Global elites using ‘climate emergency’ to crush freedom In Washington DC, we sat down with @ClimateDepot, the author of Green Fraud: Why the Green New Deal Is Even Worse than You Think. During our interview, he explained globalist secret agenda behind climate alarmism, NetZero policies and food shortages. — EpochTV (@EpochTV) March 18, 2024 Global Elites the world’s people to believe in […]

Watch: Climate The Movie – New documentary exposing the global warming science & agenda ABOUT CLIMATE THE MOVIE (THE COLD TRUTH) DIRECTOR MARTIN DURKIN PRODUCER TOM NELSON This film exposes the climate alarm as an invented scare without any basis in science. It shows that mainstream studies and official data do not support the claim that we are witnessing an increase in extreme weather events – hurricanes, […]

Wrong, NBC News, Climate Change Doesn’t Threaten Minnesota Ice Fishing

Wrong, NBC News, Climate Change Doesn’t Threaten Minnesota Ice Fishing ByAnthony Watts A broadcast by NBC News, titled “Ice fishing threatened by climate change,” claims that warmer winters, particularly the 2023/2024 winter, is affecting the ice fishing season due to supposed influences from climate change. This is false. Climate change does not make such localized […]

UK Guardian: A nuclear plant’s closure was hailed as a green win. Then emissions went up – ‘Shuttering of facility raises awkward climate crisis’ When New York’s deteriorating and unloved Indian Point nuclear plant finally shuttered in 2021, its demise was met with delight from environmentalists who had long demanded it be scrapped. But there has been a sting in the tail – since the closure, New York’s greenhouse gas emissions have gone up. Castigated for its impact […]