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‘Climate Breakdown’: John Kerry Tries Out A New Climate Catchphrase To Ratchet Up The Fear


In an interview with The Guardian this week, ex-White House climate envoy John Kerry tried out new language to describe the globalist view of what is happening with the world’s climate. Now, according to Mr. Kerry, we are in the midst of a “climate breakdown.”

To review, here is the progression of favored terminology dictated by the globalist elites related to their climate hysteria:

  • In the beginning, there was “global warming.”
  • Then, the favored talking point morphed into the more inclusive “climate change” to allow the scaremongers to blame every weather event, whether warm or cold, on their problem.
  • Next, they elevated the fright rhetoric to a nebulous “climate crisis.”
  • When that didn’t work to sufficiently hold the public’s attention, they elevated it further to a “climate emergency.”
  • Seeing their 2024 election year polls lagging, they now move to the even more alarming “climate breakdown.”

Can a “climate catastrophe” or, even better, a “climate collapse” be far behind? Should the elections not go their way this year, we can be sure one term or the other will be rolled out by Kerry or perhaps his successor at the White House, venerable, long-time alarmist  John Podesta, around this time next year.

But back to Mr. Kerry. In his puffball interview with the ever-reliable Guardian, Kerry, a life-long demagogue himself, lashed out at critics of the globalist narrative on the energy transition, labeling them as “demagogues” who spread “disinformation.” That latter term has of course become used by the ruling elites of the western world to defame anyone who questions the government’s favored narratives on climate, illegal immigration and every other major issue facing our society. (RELATED: DAVID BLACKMON: Biden’s Anti-Natural Gas Posturing Has Even Dems Starting To Squirm)

To Kerry and other globalist elites like Al Gore and Klaus Schwab, this is a problem since the conflicting information is having the effect of slowing their preferred march towards authoritarian governance in the name of climate change. Their consistent ratcheting up of the rhetoric surrounding the climate issue is designed to create a permanent sense of public alarm that the world is going to end unless we cut the amount of plant food – carbon dioxide – in the atmosphere.

At one point in the interview, Kerry hilariously accuses his critics of being the ones who have introduced “politics” into the debate, claiming, “We have politics now entering into this – fighting for delay and fighting for progress. They’re procrastinating and they’re part of the disinformation crowd that are willing to put the whole world at risk for whatever political motivations may be behind their choices here.”

In fact, of course, pure politics has served as the driving force behind enacting the array of subsidies, tax breaks, and authoritarian mandates that serve as the entire basis for this energy transition. Both Kerry and President Joe Biden love to point to 2022’s Inflation Reduction Act and its hundreds of billions of dollars in green subsidies as the biggest funder of such programs in human history, and they aren’t wrong about that.