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Watch: Morano on Hannity on Fox explains how climate agenda is enforcing ‘magical beliefs’ to ‘make meat more expensive, to ration it, to make food more expensive, to ration it’

Hannity – Fox News Channel – Broadcast March 1, 2024 

Morano: “A historian who described the totalitarian regimes as using bureaucracy to enforce ‘magical beliefs’. And that’s what we’re witnessing in America today with the climate agenda.”

“The idea is to make meat more expensive, to ration it, to make food more expensive, to ration it. They’re coming after nitrogen based fertilizer — high yield agriculture. They’re coming after methane which impacts meat. Agriculture has been around for 1000s of years and suddenly in 2024.– they claim the earth can’t handle it. And this is what bureaucracy is doing now: just shutting it down.”

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