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Hollywood Will Saturate the Big Screen with Even More Climate Propaganda

And Hollywood Will Now Saturate the Big Screen with Climate Change Propaganda

The folks behind next month’s Oscar Awards (yawn!) have organized five annual environmental conferences bringing together entertainment professionals and climate activists to share tools on communicating climate “narratives.”

Good Energy is a Los Angeles-based “action” tank that wants to insert climate alarms into both movies and TV.  Its sponsors include the Sierra Club, the Climate Emergency Fund, and Aileen Getty, an heiress to the Getty Oil fortune. Bloomberg Philanthropies has paid for its “Playbook for Screenwriting in the Age of Climate Change.”

One of Good Energy’s self-described “standout” successes is an Apple TV+ series starring Meryl Street that exposes how climate change will degrade life over the next 33 years.  A Rolling Stone article reports Good Energy’s goal is to have 50% of new TV and film projects acknowledge climate change within the next three years.

One obvious problem is that the Hollywood Glitteratia likes to live self-indulgent lives including flying by private jet. But Good Energy has an answer. It quotes climate activist Bill McKibben that “hypocrisy is the price of admission in this battle.”

In other words, Hollywood will continue to live well. The rest of us (as Marie Antoinette said) “can eat cake,” which was actually the hardened crust left over from baking bread. Or crickets, if we’re lucky.

We have an idea. Why doesn’t Hollywood just get back to the good old days when they made movies that entertain us.