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Watch: Morano on Varney on Fox calls Biden’s EV mandates ‘a dangerous bust’ & talks federal judges being trained to rule on climate lawsuits

Biden’s EV push is an ‘absolute’ and ‘dangerous’ bust: Marc Morano – publisher Marc Morano discusses the Biden administration’s push for electric vehicles amid concerns over long-distance trips and a left-wing group training judges on climate cases.

Video here:

Varney & Co. – Fox Business Channel – Broadcast January 2, 2024 


Rough Transcript: 

Stuart Varney: Marc Morano, he’s with us now. Marc is the publisher of the Climate Depot. He’s not big on global warming. But Marc, welcome to the show. Would you say the Biden administration’s EV push is a bust, or is that gone too far?

Marc Morano: It’s an absolute bust, but it’s a dangerous bust. Because the more of these plans tend to fail, the more they tend to double down on the failure. So let’s hope that [Fox Business Channel reporter] Jeff has a much better time than his Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg or Energy Secretary Jennifer Grantham did driving their EVs.

In the case of Energy Sec. Granholm, when she tried to drive cross country in her EV. She had NPR along for the PR value, and they ended up blocking the only free charger spot with a family with a baby during a heatwave in August, and NPR even reported on this critically.

So almost $8 billion — the Biden administration authorized — for these national EV charging stations. And they haven’t even they’d originally said they hadn’t built any there may have been one bill. I think they scrounged around and found one this was, according to Politico. Here’s the bottom line. When you have a situation where the government is mandating you can only drive one car and make no mistake. That’s not only happening with the government; it’s happening with corporations. We have Australian banks, who are not going to give out car loans to people who buy gas-powered cars.

This is akin to the East German government saying you can only buy the crappy East German Trabant, and you can wait 8,10, or 12 years for it. They’re forcing a situation on the American people that we didn’t vote for and that we don’t want. And we know we don’t want it because all you got to do is look at the EV sales. All you have to do is look at all the automakers coming out saying they’re sitting on our lot. We don’t want to be part of this anymore. The Buick dealers are opting out of EVs. Good luck to Jeff as he drives across the country, but we’ll see how it turns out for him.

Stuart Varney: All right, Marc, next one for you. The Environmental Law Institute. That’s an organization funded by left-wing nonprofits. They are quietly training judges on how to prepare for cases related to climate change. How do you train judges on climate? What’s this all about?

Marc Morano: This is just yet another way to bypass democracy. Remember, when Biden was elected president, they decided to make every Cabinet agency a ‘climate agency’. They also had the Treasury Department working with Environment Social Governance in the banking industry so they wouldn’t fund fossil fuel projects. They’re doing all of this as a way to bypass democracy.

The Green New Deal was introduced in Congress, but there was never a hearing, never a vote. There were no town halls, there were no switchboards lighting up on Capitol Hill. Why, because they don’t need no stinking democracy.

Now, this is where the courts come in. They want to now legislate energy policy via the federal benches. So you have lawsuits springing up all over the United States. The most recent one was in Montana, where the kids won and a new lawsuit in California with kids as young as eight are suing the Biden’s EPA in order to essentially ensure their climate future.

So what they’ve decided is — the climate activists — is they are going to train these judges on how they can rule in their favor. And these are usually typically Democrat-appointed judges, activists themselves, and they’re eating all this up so that they can issue rulings that will withstand higher court, in many cases, probably up to the Supreme Court, scrutiny.

And of course, the problem here is you can’t have federal judges, or you can’t have the executive branch, trying to change the temperature of the earth or reduce the frequency of hurricanes. We’re taking another view —  I mentioned these Germany earlier, Stuart; we’re taking a page back now to the old Aztec societies, we had Aztecs say you must do the following or the weather is going to get you and that’s what we’re seeing. Now the judges have to rule a certain way, or the weather is gonna get us. You have to buy an EV, or a hurricane or flood or tornado is gonna get us.

Stuart Varney: There’s a scare tactic. Marc Morano, Climate Depot. Thanks for watching. We’ll see again soon.

Marc Morano: Thanks a lot.