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Kids sue EPA for ‘disregarding climate change’ which has led to the ‘destabilizing the very foundation, & ordered liberty, of Children’s lives’

Via Climate Nexus:

More Kids File Lawsuits: A group of children in California filed a lawsuit against the U.S. EPA on Sunday, claiming that the agency disregarded climate change and allowed levels of pollution that have “destabilized the very foundation, and ordered liberty, of Children’s lives.” Eighteen children between the ages of 8 and 17 are represented in the lawsuit, with the lead plaintiff named “Genesis B.,” a 17-year-old in California whose parents can’t afford air conditioning and who says in the suit that she often has to wait for the sun to go down before she can concentrate enough to do her homework.

The group is represented by Our Children’s Trust, an Oregon-based law firm that notched a win in Montana this summer after a group of kids sued the state.The firm also represents the first climate lawsuit brought by children, the 2015 Juliana v. U.S. case, which is still pending. “There is one federal agency explicitly tasked with keeping the air clean and controlling pollution to protect the health of every child and the welfare of a nation — the EPA,” Julia Olson, executive director and chief legal counsel at Our Children’s Trust, told E&E News. “The agency has done the opposite when it comes to climate pollution, and it’s time the EPA is held accountable by our courts for violating the U.S. Constitution and misappropriating its congressionally delegated authority.” (E&EThe GuardianNPR)

18 California children are suing the EPA over ‘climate change’ – Cite 17-year old who has no AC & ‘must wait until evening to do schoolwork when temps cool down’


Morano on OAN: “Here’s a funny thing about the case, Allison. The lead plaintiff is a 17-year-old girl from Longport California, named Genesis. The lawsuit claims she can’t do her schoolwork during the day because it’s too hot and her parents can’t afford air conditioning. So she has to wait until the evening to do her homework because she can’t focus because of the heat. That is the literal basis of this lawsuit by the lead plaintiff.

Now, the really funny part about this is California more than any other state and Joe Biden’s EPA, who they’re suing — has done everything possible to make air conditioning, more expensive and rationed.

So if their actual complaint should be, why can’t we afford air conditioning? And the reason is, Obama and Biden are supporting international treaties to make air conditioning rationed and more expensive. (See: Uncool: Biden Pushes Senate to Ratify Treaty That Would Raise Cost of Air Conditioning)

The media, the UN, the Environmental Protection Agency, and all sorts of regulations, are doing everything to make thermostat controls, to make you live in hotter temperatures. (See: Green New Deal in Action! ‘Businesses in Spain have to keep summer air conditioning above 80 degrees F under new govt rules’.   &   Energy Lockdowns Have Arrived: During Colorado heatwave, thousands locked out of control over their home thermostat during ‘energy emergency’)

The LA Times, where she lives, actually wants to have public cooling centers because they don’t want people to have air conditioners in their own home and use, and they want public transit to pick you up and take you to your public cooling center in a government building. So, that should be the real lawsuit!” (See: LA Times: Instead of air conditioning running in your home during heatwaves, the LA Times interviews experts suggesting “investing in a wider network of cooling centers, with transportation to help people get there.” 

Time Magazine: How to fix the ‘air conditioning problem’ – ‘Terrible for Planet’ – Promotes ‘public cooling centers’ – ‘Re-orient ourselves to meaning of air-conditioning’

NYT: ‘Should Air-Conditioning Go Global, or Be Rationed Away?’ — Is A/C a modern-day right like clean water…or an unsustainable luxury that we should give up or ration?’)