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Watch: Morano celebrates the failure of COP 28 UN climate summit – Declares it ‘FLOP 28’ – ‘Failure of climate summit is great news for humanity!’

Watch here:


Morano also celebrates the failure of UN climate summit on Fox News w/ cigar:


The COP28 charade: ‘COP 28 was a spectacular failure, as measured against the goals that the UN had set for it from the beginning’ – By Robert Lyman – “It did not achieve a single one of the objectives that climate activists sought. Even more important, in spite of the voluntary commitments that various governments made during the conference (mostly aimed at domestic audiences), it is virtually certain to have little or no effect on the global trends in GHG emissions or on the climate.”


Failure of Cop28 on fossil fuel phase-out is ‘devastating’, say scientists
Climate experts say lack of unambiguous statement is ‘tragedy for the planet and our future’

UK Guardian: Cop28 president says his firm will keep investing in oil – The president of the Cop28 climate summit will continue with his oil company’s record investment in oil and gas production, despite coordinating a global deal to “transition away” from fossil fuels.


CNN: Bill McGuire is Professor Emeritus of Geophysical & Climate Hazards at University College London: “What we needed from the climate summit in Dubai was a binding commitment to cut emissions in half within six years…What we got was a vague intention to transition away from fossil fuels — no timeline, no roadmap. It was the sort of outcome that elicits a chuckle and a shaking of the head in disbelief.”
FLOP 28 & the annual COP pantomime – Net Zero Watch
15 December 2023

When times are tough, there’s nothing like a bit of winter sunshine to cheer you up. And boy, are there a lot of people who need to get away from the rain and sleet back home. This year, no fewer than 90,000 have abandoned their credibility, boarded their jet planes, and made their way to the bright lights of Dubai for the gabfest that is the annual Conference of the Parties (usually referred to as a ‘COP’) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.
By all accounts, it has been a lot of fun, tables groaning with gourmet burgers and fine wines, with only slightest seasoning of guilt over the enjoyment of all this excess at a time when most of us are struggling.
As we at Net Zero Watch like to point out, the COPs have long followed an entirely predictable pattern. Each year, hundreds of posturing delegates and thousands of protestors, celebs, and assorted hangers-on fly in from around the world to lecture us all on our carbon footprints. They then start up the negotiations, rapidly reach deadlock, before announcing a last-minute breakthrough. Then, in the cold light of day, everybody accepts nothing has been achieved beyond expanded waistlines and serious hangovers for all the delegates.
Who can now doubt that the climate COPs have become a charade, a meaning-less ritual with a comfortable and familiar liturgy that makes everyone involved feel good about themselves, but in which nobody really has the slightest faith?
Take a look, and see what we mean. Click on image below to enjoy the panto.


WSJ on The Phony Climate Promises of COP28: ‘Don’t believe the hype that governments are phasing out fossil fuels’

Morano: Dubai is a reminder of what Western cities could achieve without the woke agenda

Financial Times: Carbon price tumbles as investors fret over ‘weak’ impact of COP28 deal – “The price of carbon fell to its lowest level in 14 months on Thursday after traders were unconvinced that the agreement struck at the COP28 summit would lead to meaningful action by governments on the climate.”


Via Climate Nexus:
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We’re Saved!? UN declares: ‘Whether you like it or not, fossil fuel phase out inevitable’ – Morano: UN ‘is literally psychotic…We have to say HELL NO to idea of Net Zero!’