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Media Ignores Reality – Goes Bonkers Over the Fifth National Climate Assessment Report

Editors Note: The White House released their Fifth National Climate Assessment Report  this week, and predictably, the media uncritically parroted some of the wild claims made in the report. For example: CNN claims no place is safe;
No place in the US is safe from the climate crisis, but a new report shows where it’s most severe

CBS says the entire nation is affected;
Biden’s Fifth National Climate Assessment found these 5 key ways climate change is affecting the entire U.S.

And, the Union of Concerned Scientists warned of “disaster stampede;”

These sorts of headlines were common. However, when you critically examine the objective data, as Larry Hamlin did in this guest post that follows, it becomes clear that the hyperbole is hotter than the actual climate.

Fifth National Climate Change Assessment Propaganda “Science Report” Released

Guest essay by Larry Hamlin (originally published on WattsUpWithThat)

The White House has released the Fifth National Climate Change Assessment report providing the country the latest government hyped climate alarmism science propaganda updates as noted in the news article excerpts discussed below.

The Associated Press highlights the following “even clearer evidence” that now exists since the last government science propaganda report 5 years ago:

“The climate change signal is “even clearer today than it was five years ago,” Hayhoe said. In the U.S., people across all regions are experiencing hotter temperatures and longer-lasting heat waves, with nighttime and winter temperatures warming the fastest.”

The L A Times highlights among the other “usual suspects” of climate alarmism hyped propaganda the following:

“Anyone who willfully denies the impact of climate change is condemning the American people to a very dangerous future. Impacts are only going to get worse, more frequent, more ferocious and more costly,” Biden said.

Tuesday’s assessment paints a picture of a country warming about 60% faster than the world as a whole, one that regularly gets smacked with costly weather disasters.”

Looking at the latest available NOAA National Time Series update that provides detailed maximum temperature data for the monthly Contiguous U.S. Maximum Temperature measurements from January 1895 to October 2023 (shown below) we struggle to see where the huge increase is happening in “experiencing hotter temperatures” and where the “warming” growth rate “60% greater than the world as a whole” is taking place because the measured data says those claims are nothing but climate alarmist contrived propaganda.

The NOAA data establishes that the highest maximum temperatures in the Contiguous U.S. occur in the month of July with all July monthly maximum temperature measured data show below for the period from 1895 to 2023.

Furthermore, the maximum monthly temperatures ever recorded in the Contiguous U.S. during the period from 1895 through 2023 occurred in July 1936, July 1934, July 1901, July 2012, July 2006, and July 1931 as shown below with these measured results making a mockery of the contrived “60% greater warming growth rate” climate alarmist hype.

Looking at NOAA California monthly maximum temperature data (shown below) from 1895 to 2023 in pursuit  of “warming“ growth rates “60% greater” than the world as a whole we find no  measured scientific evidence supporting these contrived climate alarmist hyped claims.

California’s maximum monthly temperature recorded data shows that July 1931 (by 1.4 degrees F higher than the next highest maximum) was the highest ever measured temperature as shown below from NOAA’s measured data.

The climate alarmist L A Times published this government propaganda “science” update report on page 1 as shown below.

The Orange County Register placed this ridiculous climate alarmist update report buried on page 10 (lower left article) where this contrived propaganda garbage “science” report belonged as shown below.