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‘Garbage & word salad’: Greenpeace co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore rebuts new study claiming gray whales’ ‘mass die-off’ due to ‘melting Arctic’

Paper here:
Mystery of why more than 2,000 gray whales have died along US coast since the 1980s may have been SOLVED – and the reason is haunting
  • Since 2019, 688 more whales died in a mass die-off researchers ‘did not expect’
  • Melting Arctic sea ice has cratered populations of the gray whales‘ prey species


Dr. Patrick Moore rebuts on October 18, 2023:

“Garbage and word salad. The gray whale population has recovered to near carrying capacity after being twice slaughtered to remnants during the 1900s. When the sea is covered in ice the Sun can’t get through to grow the phytoplankton and thus the entire food chain is compromised.
These whales spend their winters in Baja and Hawaii and then migrate north peeling off along beaches in Canada, Alaska, and Russia where they can plough the bottom for food. They and walruses both forage in the bottom sediments.”
Cheers, Patrick Moore