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‘Climate Brides’ founder claims early marriage has become climate adaptation in South Asia By Anna Abraham Conversation with Reetika Subramanian, who is exploring the links between early marriage and climate change Child marriage is a crisis in South Asia — almost one in three girls are married by the time they turn 18. Things only get worse when you add climate change to the mix. Severe weather events impact […]

Australian Academy of Science report on Great Barrier Reef ignores reef’s record growth & instead focuses on gender & race of authors of study "I have been saying for some time that many of our #science institutions have become totally untrustworthy. By its wilful abandonment of quantitative analysis, the AAS has destroyed its reputation as a source of useful scientific advice." – Peter Ridd — The Spectator Australia (@SpectatorOz) August 30, 2023 #  

‘Garbage & word salad’: Greenpeace co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore rebuts new study claiming gray whales’ ‘mass die-off’ due to ‘melting Arctic’

Paper here:–whales–died-coast-1980s-SOLVED.html Mystery of why more than 2,000 gray whales have died along US coast since the 1980s may have been SOLVED – and the reason is haunting Since 2019, 688 more whales died in a mass die-off researchers ‘did not expect’ Melting Arctic sea ice has cratered populations of the gray whales‘ prey species # Dr. Patrick Moore […]

Meteorologist Ryan Maue debunks hurricane ‘intensification’ claims from Wash Post

  Meteorologist Dr. Ryan Maue: “Quite the media rollout for new research paper claiming to link climate change with Atlantic hurricane intensification rates. Unfortunately, the paper does not prove the climate change causation link. Comparing Atlantic storms from two 20-year periods: 1971-1990 vs. 2001-2020, simply conflates very well-known multidecadal variability in the Atlantic, e.g. inactive […]

2022 Hunga Tonga underwater volcanic eruption injected 165 million tons of water vapor & acidic gases into stratosphere & affected the ozone layer

The 2022 Hunga Tonga eruption injected 165 million tons of water along with acidic gases into the stratosphere. This event affected the ozone layer, per this new study. Although the see-no-evil researchers avoid the issue for obvious reasons, the… — Steve Milloy (@JunkScience) October 20, 2023 New study shows Hunga-Tonga Hunga-Ha’apai eruption […]