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Watch: Morano talking ‘climate emergency’ on Laura Ingraham on Fox: ‘This is the intentional collapse of our energy, transportation & food’ with no ‘vote of Congress’ involved


Fox News Channel – The Ingraham Angle w/ Laura Ingraham – Broadcast September 29, 2023

‘Real Teeth Behind It’: Fox Guest Says GOP Senators Have Been Silent On Possible Biden Climate Emergency Declaration


A guest on Fox News said that Republicans in the Senate have not reacted to the threat of a “climate emergency” declaration from President Joe Biden.

Biden administration officials considered a “climate emergency” initiative in July 2022, according to emails released following a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request from Energy Policy Advocates. Left-wing Democrats called on Biden to declare a “climate emergency” in June, citing wildfires in Canada that caused smoke to drift into the eastern United States, Bloomberg News reported(RELATED: ‘Electric Cars Are Losing Us Money’: UAW Member Slams Biden’s Push For EVs)


“If I was a senator, I would be burning the place down making the point that the Biden administration is trying to destroy this country through climate policy, but Republicans don’t seem to be too exercised about it,” Steve Milloy of told Fox News host Laura Ingraham.

Biden cancelled oil leases in Alaska granted late in the Trump administration, according to CBS, while proposing new regulations to limit energy production. Biden considered declaring a climate emergency in 2022, but did not do so.

“The most significant thing was the message of all the protesters in the streets of New York City urging Joe Biden to declare a national climate emergency. Now, that just sounds like a slogan, but there is real teeth behind it,” Marc Morano told Ingraham. “The Covid emergency declaration made the climate activists jealous. We had a Teen Vogue activist, Jamie Margolis say, if we can shut down the world for a virus we can do the same thing for climate. That’s exactly what they want to do.”

“The Center for Biological Diversity has estimated that Joe Biden will get 130 new executive powers by which to bypass democracy if this climate emergency declaration goes through,” Morano continued. “They will be able to literally have no vote in Congress to impose this agenda on us, just like Covid.”


Laura Ingraham opening segment on elites Pushing climate


Marc Morano Says RFK Jr. Has the Best Answer on Climate Change Among Presidential Candidates


INGRAHAM: “Shouldn’t whoever the nominee is going to be — it might be Trump, it probably will be Trump at this point, could be DeSantis or maybe someone else — this should be front and center every single day. ‘I’m going to get gas down to about — by the time I’m done, it’s going to be $2.25 a gallon again.’ Yes? Isn’t that a winner issue?”
MORANO: “Just run on the fact that we’re not going to ban gas-powered cars. No one voted for it. It’s not going to happen. You tell the automakers that and you tell the consumers.”

INGRAHAM: “They’re killing the UAW. The EVs are killing the UAW, they’re killing the auto industry.”

MORANO: “And corporate banks are now saying they won’t give car loans to people who buy gas-powered cars. The World Bank isn’t going to allow financing at the automaker level, according to Nicholas Stern. This is the world which we face and the Republicans need to get their game up and fight this.”

MILLOY: “So we’ll see, you know, next week at the debate, whether any Republicans are going to be serious about this. You know, at the last debate Vivek had good answers, DeSantis had good answers. But after that, it just all kind of goes into —

INGRAHAM: “ — generalities. Just like cliches and generalities. We’ve got to get specific on this.”

MORANO: “I’ll tell you who has the best answers. RFK Jr. He actually says — forget anything else you know about him — he says, ‘I won’t talk about climate change because it’s been hijacked by the World Economic Forum and the U.N. for totalitarian control of society.’”

INGRAHAM: “As long as we’re making China rich, don’t tell me me we are fighting climate change. I mean, they’re not serious about any of that. Great to see both of you. Thank you so much.”

MORANO: “Thank you.”