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‘This is literally beyond a parody’ – Watch: Morano Newsmax TV talks Biden climate agenda’s efforts to restrict generators, gas stoves, appliances, meat, & even ice cubes!

Newsmax TV – Frontline w/ Carl Higbie – Broadcast July 24, 2023


Morano: “This is just the latest assault on things you can’t even imagine that the Biden Administration is doing in the name of climate change, in the name of a nanny state. They’re basically saying that now that the blackouts — which the LA Times is saying they want to use blackouts now to meet our climate goals and to fight climate change — the blackouts which they’re intentionally creating in our power grid — that we cannot now mitigate with gas-powered generators at home. Now, they’re doing the same thing with pizza ovens. They’re doing the same thing with gas stoves, with our appliances, with meat eating. We have calls for ice cube restrictions in our drinks! But this is particularly insane because their policies are going to create blackouts that necessitate gas-powered generators which they want to now ban.”

Morano: “This is literally beyond a parody. They’re collapsing energy, transportation, and our food supply.”