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Green industrialization greatly increases CO2 emissions By David Wojick  Despite calling for rapid reduction in CO2 emissions, the left is rushing green industrialization which will dramatically increase emissions for the foreseeable future. This obvious absurdity has yet to be admitted. On the one hand, there is growing literature on the enormous material requirements required for building huge numbers of wind and […]

Is Europe awakening from its Net Zero nightmare? By Duggan Flanakin |June 13th, 2023|21 Comments Early last month, French President Emmanuel Macron shocked Europe by urging the European Union to take a break from imposing additional regulations on struggling industries. The EU has already done “more than its neighbors” to save the planet from environmental doom, said Macron.  Any further steps would pose risks […]

17 fatalities, 736 crashes: The shocking toll of Tesla’s Autopilot The school bus was displaying its stop sign and flashing red warning lights, a police report said, when Tillman Mitchell, 17, stepped off one afternoon in March. Then a Tesla Model Y approached on North Carolina Highway 561. The car — allegedly in Autopilot mode — never slowed down. It struck Mitchell at 45 […]

UK Guardian: How solar farms took over the California desert: ‘An oasis has become a dead sea’ – Experts warn environmental damage is ‘solving one problem by creating others’ by Oliver Wainwright in Desert Center, California Deep in the Mojave desert, about halfway between Los Angeles and Phoenix, a sparkling blue sea shimmers on the horizon. Visible from the I-10 highway, amid the parched plains and sun-baked mountains, it is an improbable sight: a deep blue slick stretching for miles across the Chuckwalla Valley, […]

More insurers desert Net-Zero alliance: Lloyd’s of London became 6th org to quit More insurers desert net-zero alliance as U.N. climate group sounds alarm Lloyd’s of London became the sixth organisation to quit a net-zero alliance for insurers within 36 hours on Friday, as a U.N.-backed coalition of financial groups warned about the fallout of ‘political attacks’ on insurers in the United States. Lloyd’s of London […]

Spooked corporate officers dramatically cut references to ESG & DEI initiatives amid growing backlash By Terresa Monroe-Hamilton Big companies appear to be getting a wake-up call after Bud Light and Target disastrously embraced transgenders in their ad campaigns and merchandise, and have cut references to DEI and ESG by a whopping 31 percent. As shares for both companies nose-dive, it’s giving a whole new meaning to “go woke, go […]

Landmark study looking at 20,000 papers on global impact of lockdowns finds benefits were ‘negligible’ but collateral costs ‘staggering’ – ‘Biggest policy mistake in our lifetime’ Lockdown Benefits “Drop in the Bucket Compared to the Costs”, Landmark Study Finds BY TOBY YOUNG Who would have thought it? A new landmark meta-study by researchers at Johns Hopkins University and Sweden’s Lund University has concluded that that draconian restrictions imposed on the British population in the spring of 2020 saved fewer than 1,700 […]

A Cheat Sheet for Legislators Regarding the WHO & Health Emergencies – We must not ‘grant a foreign-based, poorly unaccountable institution powers that contradict democratic norms’ by David Bell via We are told that, in a world of multiplying health emergencies, it has become necessary to give up some independence in return for safety. It is a tribute to those backing this agenda through the World Health Organization (WHO) that this message continues to gain credence. If humans are important, […]

Dr. Roger Pielke Jr: What the media won’t tell you about … Wildfires – ‘Wildfires used to be much more extensive in past centuries’ Roger Pielke Jr’s take on the Canada wildfires:   Wildfire, common to many healthy ecosystems, is a particularly challenging problem for society because of its impacts on property and health. It is also challenging because people like to locate themselves in fire-prone places and do things that ignite fires. We have learned through hard […]