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Canadian National Fire Database data disputes climate link to fires: ‘There has been a significant & continuing decline in the number of fires & no discernible trend in the area burned’

Via CO2 Coalition: Canadian Fires If you are living in eastern Canada or the northeast of the United States, you are experiencing quite smoky/hazy skies, the result of fires in Canada. The fires have spread from northern Alberta eastward into other provinces, including Quebec, generating alarming press coverage. A headline from the Washington Post claimed “‘Unprecedented’ Canadian […]

Media Wrong Again & Quebec wildfires: ‘Media has been quick’ to link Canada fires to man-made climate change By Robert Girouard Canada has been plagued by numerous forest fires in recent weeks. Almost all provinces, including Quebec, have been affected. True to form, mainstream media has been quick to associate these terrifying and spectacular natural events with (anthropogenic) climate change. Let’s look at the facts. According to Canada’s Department of Natural Resources, natural […]