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Watch: RFK Jr. reaches out to skeptics: ‘In my campaign, I’m not going to be talking a lot about climate’ – ‘I’m not going argue with you if you don’t believe in it’ – ‘We’re not going to get a consensus on climate’


Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: (Automated transcript) 

I believe that climate is an existential threat, but I don’t insist other people believe that. And one of the problems with the climate crisis — and let me tell you because on the areas of vaccines and public health and a lot of environmental issues — I have made myself an expert the way that attorneys always do when they’re arguing a case.

I understand the science. I can read the science critically. I cannot do that with climate science, so I’m left kind of taking other people’s word and I think most people are in the same situation. We’re all basically saying ‘Okay, 99% of scientists are saying and the public science, are saying the climate crisis is existential and it is being created by anthropogenic carbon production.’ I can’t independently verify that, but the reason I believe it is because and I also know particularly in the past three years people you know we’ve seen how science particularly federally funded science can’t be corrupted and this is what the critics of you know the sort of the Republican right is saying we don’t believe anything that Federal science anymore.

I can’t go to them like again with vaccines or Pharmaceuticals or other environmental issues and say you’re wrong and I can explain to you exactly why you’re wrong I can’t do that but I have seen in the 19 you know these documents in the 1970s were exons own signs Exxon had scientists working for them that pride in themselves on knowing more about the fate of the carbon molecule in the environment than anybody else and during that time in the 70s they were saying to their bosses in the Exxon management we if we continue to burn carbon the way that we are we are going to warm the globe and that actually is going to be a bad thing for Humanity but it’s going to be a great thing for our company because we’re going to melt the Arctic and there’s a tremendous amount of oil under the Arctic and we’re going to be able to exploit it so you had people who were on the industry side back in the 70s who were saying this is real now

In my campaign I’m not going to be talking about climate. Why is that? Because climate has become a crisis like COVID that the Davos group, other totalitarian elements in our society, have util have used as a pretext for clamping down totalitarian controls.

Host: But isn’t that even more of a justification if you if you think that is not even more of a justification for you to argue in favor of an approach that doesn’t result in the totalitarianism that you’re fearful of? Exactly.

RFK Jr.: So, and I’ve always said, I’ve always been cautious about leaning on scientific evidence for climate because the reason is it’s not persuasive to people who don’t want to believe it. I worked for commercial fishermen on the Hudson River for most of my career and all across the country. They love the environment. Republicans, most Republicans love the environment. If you tell them you know you’re gonna protect this place this sacred place your backyard, the water for your children, you’re gonna protect against toxicity. They’re all in it should not be a divisive issue. The environment should not be divisive. But it’s hard to persuade people that lines on a graph that say that sometime in the future, you’re gonna suffer. Take my word for it, and I want you to give up these things in your life. It just all it’s gonna do is polarize people more or what argument I’ve always made, is that all of the things that we need to do, whether you believe in climate change or not, you don’t have to, and I’m not gonna argue with you if you don’t believe in it. But all the things we need to do to avert climate change, we ought to be doing anyway to avert war. You know, the oil words that have cost us $8 trillion since since 2002. The the poisoning of every fish in America the toxicity to our children. The asthma attack, the ozone and particulates, the snow, the sterilizing of the legs on the Appalachian. These are all things that everybody’s concerned about. And those are the things I think we can get a consensus on, rather than and we’re not going to get a consensus on climate and climate using a you know the the approach that we’ve been using up until now has stalled. And if you you know, the solutions which are to get everybody to sign treaties and have unenforceable milestones, nobody can enforce that everybody can lie about and that that become an excuse. Or clamping down totalitarian controls on people are things that are going to get a lot of pushback. You know, if you talk to people about pollution, and let’s switch to something more efficient, that’s going to provide jobs that’s going to give us a new industry and economic growth. That’s something that I think, you know, we can unite people on rather than divide our



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